• Still as popular as ever

    Yes, it seems the show the Bachelorette is still as popular as it used to be. It's still a hot topic everywhere and is even discussed on news shows. Tabloids go nuts for stories connected to the Bachelorette stars and the internet is crawling with people who want to express their opinion about the show's latest episode.

  • Yes. The show still entertains the masses.

    The show is still on the air and has been since 2003. That says a lot for its popularity. People are apparently still interested in watching women fight for the attention of a man with money. From a statistical standpoint, the show still rocks. The August 1st episode had 8.43 million viewers.

  • No, it is not.

    A few years ago the show was one of the most watched ones on televison. But people are getting tired of the format, not only because there are more, better, show to watch, but also because the show has gotten stale and the novelty has worn off for all but die hard fans.

  • The bachelorette does not capture the same audience as it did in its inception.

    Living and loving vicariously through another person's life seems to be a never ending phenomenon in this country. However I do not think that many people still tune in to the bachelorette as they did when the show first aired. A lot of what goes on seems to be orchestrated and the bachelors are now "actors" creating drama just to boost ratings. I think that has made some viewers loose their appeal for the show.

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