• Rising Tide of Violence Will Not Abate

    The world appears more violent with every passing day. An endless stream of terrorists with no regard for human life seek to outdo each others' body counts with increasingly devious plots. It is nearly impossible to defeat such ideologies, which cannot be killed in the conventional sense. This rising tide of violence will not abate any time soon, and will most likely just get worse as time progresses.

  • The Somolia suicide bombing is a sign of something happening.

    I don't know if the bombing in Somalia is a sign of increased violence but I feel it is a sign of something big. The terrorists are getting bold in their approach and its possible that ISIS r other groups are putting messages out encouraging lone wolves to kill people for their cause.

  • Yes, it is.

    Somalia, and other other countries in the region are seeing a spike in the number of violent crimes and terrorist acts. This latest act is only one in a series of terrorist acts that is increasing in number. Something needs to be done to stop those violent crimes and keep people safe.

  • Somalia suicide bombing direct attack on peace

    I believe the most recent suicide bombing in Somalia is one of many signs of increased violence. This attack in particular targeted peacekeeping security guards. I believe this is a sign that the violence is escalating and is in direct opposition to peacekeeping efforts. We are hearing reports of violence both here in America and overseas almost every day now. I believe these attacks will continue to increase.

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