• If you believe the story of Noah's ark is true...

    Well than you must be a complete believer of every nonsensical thing made up. A bot big enough to hold more than 100,000 creatures? with enough food to last them a year? also how did he keep predators away from the prey? It all just doesnt add up. Its obviously fiction

  • The Flood could not have possible have happened.

    First off, there are over a million species of arthropods, six thousand species of reptile, seven thousand species of amphibian, five thousand species of mammal and ten thousand species of bird. That's 1028000 species, times two so 2056000 individuals aboard the ship. The fish and plants were apparently left on the earth. Due to change of temperature, water pressure and the mix of salt water and fresh water, all fish would have been killed. Since the water level was so high, underwater vegetation wouldn't have been able to photosynthesize, and that would be the same with terrestrial vegetation. Assuming that each animal only ate one meal a day, that would take 308400000 meals, since the Flood lasted 150 days. Plus, since the sea level was apparently over Mt. Everest, all the animals would have frozen to death. Even if they somehow survived the cold, all the vegetation would be dead and everyone would starve to death. Also, somehow a bunch of drunks built the best ship ever just after the end of the Stone Age? I just don't buy it. This story makes no sense and it's purely fiction. Sure, people from the Dark Ages might have believed this, but we're living in a scientific era, people. This story should be regarded fiction.

  • There's no way the story could be true.

    When we bring up that there are way too much species of animals for Noah to could have possibly brought along with him on the journey, some Creationists argue that there were only "kinds" of animals back then, and after the Great Flood those "kinds" turned into the diverse species that exist today. I'm assuming that by "kind" they're referring to the family in the classification of animals. There are more than 5,000 families of animals out there, so Noah would have had to bring 10,000 animals on board. Assuming that each animal only ate one meal a day, that would require 1,500,000 meals for the animals, since the flood apparently lasted 150 days. Also in the Bible it states that the waters covered the highest of the mountains, which means that the sea level was above Mount Everest. All the animals would have frozen to death. Even if they somehow survived the cold, after the flood was over, all the vegetation on earth would be dead. There's no way terrestrial plants could survive for 150 days underwater. And apparently fish were excluded from the trip, but all the fish would have died as well due to changing temperatures, water pressure and salt water and fresh water mixing. All the underwater vegetation would have died as they would never be able to photosynthesize. And somehow a bunch of drunks created the best ship ever made two weeks after the end of the Stone Age? I don't buy it.

  • Pure and utter fiction.

    This like other fables in the bible defies common sense, no logic necessary. To believe this fiction requires a person suspend all reason and accept on blind faith what they have been conditioned to view as fact. Human infants are strongly conditioned by their family environment and culture. Lucky are those allowed from infancy to freely negotiate their respective environment without forceful indoctrination to any religion.

  • Is the story of Noah fiction?

    Firstly, I would like for someone to tell me what LAWS or COMMANDMENTS did mankind violate prior to the selection of Noah and his kin as the only deserving humans to escape the alleged flood? And these need to be cited from Genesis 1-6, PRIOR to the flood. Secondly, I would like for someone to tell me why an OMNIPOTENT and OMNISCIENT god would become angry over the humanity that he had created and KNEW would evolve into what happened. It would be like allowing a child to operate a crane and then become angry when he failed at doing so. The child isn't to blame because it is a child. Thirdly, what did Noah and his kin and the animals eat when they left the Ark because EVERYTHING on the planet was DESTROYED. I await the answers.

  • It is obvious.

    Obviously it is fiction. You can easily see through its absurdity. If rain for 40 days and nights could flood the world then God save us, it rains for 24x7 hours the whole year in Mawsynram!
    The Titanic: 175 feet high, 882 feet long, 92 feet wide and made of steel. It could only support 3547 people and had enough food and water for 2 weeks.
    Noah's ark: 43 feet high, 440 feet long, 73 feet wide and made of wood. It could hold 8 people, 17400 birds, 1200 reptiles, 9000 mammals, 5000 amphibian, 2000000 insects and enough food and water for a year.
    I got only only one word for it in the end: "Impossibru!"

  • You've got to be kidding me

    This is embarrassing to have to refute. No. Common sense should immediately put this to rest. If you aren't too strong in that category, you can hear someone hash out the logic and the science on it as others have done prior to my post. If you find yourself supporting the claim, ask yourself these questions. 1) Where are you getting your supporting "information," ie, who is telling this to you, scientists or religious people? 2) Do you honestly think you're smarter or better informed than the entirety of the scientific population, nay, those possessing an elementary school education? Do you think this has just escaped all of them and that they've been blissfully unaware of all the reasons you'd like to provide? 3) Have you looked into opposing viewpoints on the matter? Specifically with relation to your evidence/reasons?

  • Too many ways to refute the story

    Aside from the standard arguments used (EX: geologic column, amount of water, etc...) there are the overlooked arguments concerning such things as buildup of toxic substances during the voyage and repercussions of plant life submerged in water for a year as well as others that show the account to be anything but fictional. One example would be the climatological conditions at the top of Mt Ararat. While the waters were at the top of Mt Ararat, the ark would have been effectively at sea level. Once the water subsided, it would have been at 17,000+ ft. The climatological conditions at that level would have killed almost all of the passengers aboard the ark.

  • If you don't take the Bible literally, yes.

    The Bible is a book of stories, and Noah's ark is one of them. There is no evidence of this event ever happening, and the logic of the story deeply fails. You cannot fit 1 male and 1 female of every species on the planet in a single ship. Not to mention the fact that our world would be MUCH different if there was a worldwide flood 6000 years ago. Where did the water go?

  • Absolute Fiction

    Yes, the story of Noah's ark is fiction. It is fiction simply because it is not logical to assume that such a thing could occur. Two of every animals in the world could not possibly fit in a raft. To think otherwise is ridiculous and stretches the very limits of what is real.

  • Good points. I still disagree.

    All of you who have agreed with the statement, "Is the story of Noah's Ark fiction," thank you for your comments. They are all legitimate arguments and very thought provoking. However, I want you to think about something. Almost all of your arguments revolve around Noah's Ark not being logically possible. But is God something logical? Is he something that our limited knowledge can grasp. He has unlimited power and knowledge. He can do anything. We don't even know what anything is because we don't know everything that is even HYPOTHETICALLY possible. So God himself, in our eyes, is not a logical being. So it then stands to reason that God can do illogical things. Such as flood the Earth (which by the way is miniscule compared to most things in the universe) and put two of every creature that lived on that planet on a boat. It also makes sense then that God could do something as illogical as remove all the water he put on Earth (which, once again, is very very small). Finally, it also makes sense that God could help a single man make a boat with a sufficient size to put two of every animal in simply because he is God and is beyond comprehension. And don't forget that the Earth was not nearly as "developed" as it is now. It is very possible there were not as many animals as we often times like to think.

  • Absolute Truth

    The Bible is a historic book that people who are even atheists believe exists and is not made up. The fact that people were "divinely" spoken to about what to write about it a different story but the events that are in the Bible are certainly true. Fossils of fish are found even to this day on mountains. How do you explain that?

  • It IS true that it Noah's ark is real!

    It is true that Noah's ark is real. There IS evidence to those who say no. It is true. There are markings of the boat in Turkey, on a mountain. Everything can happen with God. As people back in the days say that the Titanic is an "unsinkable boat in history", but what happen? It sank! But people are too proud to say that it will not sink. But for Noah, it was God that protected him and made it happen and protected him for everything. For God is real and that this happened in history for real!

    Here is a website:

  • No

    Where did all the water go? How about Antarctica, the Arctic Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean? As for climate change, not necessarily. The Earth back then may have been even smoother than today. Mountains are always changing it's peak's elevations slowly. As for the entire scientific community rejecting the Flood, I think that's just propaganda and it certainly doesn't make it true. Lastly, the Geologic Column. There are 2 ways to look at the Geologic Column: Either it formed slowly or quickly. Which one you believe is up to you.

  • Noah's Ark is a Historical Account

    Noah's Ark is the historical retelling of the Great Flood that covered the entire earth around 3000 BC. There are several evidences of the flood.
    1. Marine fossils have been found high up on mountains where, under the model of evolution, water never reached.
    2. Many times, fossils from one supposed time period are found mixed in with fossils from other supposed time periods. This makes no sense under an evolutionary worldview, but perfect sense from a Creation and flood view. The animals all lived at the same time, so it makes sense that they would mix.
    3. The Grand Canyon and other such canyons were form over a short period of time during the Flood. Miniatures of the canyon were formed after the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.

    Now let's look at some common misunderstandings that
    people have about the Flood and Noah's Ark.
    Q: "How could Noah have fit all those thousands of species of animals on the Ark?"
    A: Noah would not have had to take all the species on the Ark. Only all the families, which numbers a lot fewer. Nearly 100 times smaller. All could fit on a boat of Noah's size. Which, by the way, was huge.

    Q: "Where did all the water go?"
    A: Scientists have found that some of the worlds lakes, seas, and parts of oceans were supposedly carved out over millions of years. The water during the flood quickly carved out for itself huge new areas for it to reside, even deep in the ocean.

    There is great evidence for the flood and little against it. Some with a great amount of ignorance have put forth that parts of the story were made up recently. Texts of the flood thousands of years old have been found. This is complete fallacy.

  • It can be scientifically proven part 2

    How could the ark have fit two of every animal? To answer that question one must figure out how many animals were on the ark. To do that, first, one has to figure out what the word “kind” means. Genesis 6:20 says: “Of the birds according to their kinds, and of the animals according to their kinds, of every creeping thing of the ground, according to its kind, two of every sort shall come in to you to keep them alive.” The ancient definition of “kind” is organisms that can interbreed. Thus, horses and zebras are within the same kind because they can make a zorse but cats and dogs aren’t because they can’t make a dat, cog, or any other contraction one can think of. With these criteria it puts the number of animals on the ark at about 16,000. Studies have figured out that space for cages would only take up about 47% of the ark’s floor space, food 12%, and water 9%. This leaves plenty of room for larger, more comfortable cages, extra food, and waste management systems. Mechanisms could have also been made to feed the animals. These types of mechanisms are not complicated and could easily have been made and designed by Noah with his 600 years of experience.
    The ark story is true and it can be shown to be so through facts and arguments. There are many more of these but to compile all of them one would need a book the size of a dictionary. The final conclusion, then, is that the Genesis account of Noah’s ark can be proven to be scientifically accurate through facts and studies.

  • It can be scientifically proven

    A massive ship 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet tall floated on the rough seas. But this wasn’t the Titanic; this was Noah’s ark. But is this ark story true or does it just make a good blockbuster and nothing more?
    The first problem that many think of when hearing about the ark is how an unskilled man and his three sons could have built a wooden boat that could survive a tsunami and be more massive than any boats built in the next several millennia. However, they had plenty of time; forty to twenty years in fact. Also, it probably wasn’t just Noah and his three sons. Noah could have hired people to help him. Lamech’s and Methuselah’s families were around until five years before the flood. One is still left with the question of how Noah could have made the ark to sustain tsunami waves when he had never built a boat before. Noah lived six-hundred years before the flood, gaining experience in a variety of skills that probably served him well in the building of the ark. “But,” one might insist, “He was still inexperienced in shipbuilding.” Many flood skeptics point out that when skilled shipbuilders in New England built a wooden ship the size of the ark it leaked like crazy and eventually sank. That ship, however, was built in relative haste where as the ark had plenty of time to be designed and built with a time consuming method described below. Noah probably used a form of planking that was very rugged, but time consuming. How do we know he used this? Post-flood ships such as the Greek Trireme used this method but it wasn’t used commonly because it was so time-consuming. Furthermore, the ark didn’t have to go anywhere and thus didn’t have to be built as light and fast as possible, instead it could be built rugged. There are more arguments debating the flood story in Genesis.

  • There was definitely a flood that decimated the human population

    'A global flood, nominated by geologists as “Meltwater Pulse 1 B,” occurred around 9600 BC as the remnant ice caps in North America and northern Europe collapsed simultaneously amidst worldwide global warming. Cesare Emiliani, Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Miami, carried out isotopic analysis of deep-sea sediments that produced striking evidence of cataclysmic global flooding "between 12,000 and 11,000 years ago."

    Plato, whose dialogues Timaeus and Critias contain the earliest surviving mention of the fabled sunken kingdom, gives us a very definite date for the the deluge that submerged Atlantis. Plato’s source for the story was an oral tradition that had been passed down in his family line from his ancestor, the Greek lawmaker Solon (638 BC to 558 BC). Solon visited Egypt around the year 600 BC where priests at the Temple of Neith at Sais in the Delta told him the story of Atlantis, and informed him that its destruction had occurred 'nine thousand years ago.' Needless to say, nine thousand years before 600 BC is exactly 9600 BC.

  • The greatest flood of all time at the end of the ice age

    It is a fact that at the end of the ice age about 12,800 years ago, a catastrophic flood, unimaginably big and deadly to all the creature which lived on the face of the earth sunk the entire north America, central and parts of south America, Europe and even extended to the middle east and Africa. Melting of giant ice berg was the primary cause of this flood but what caused those ice bergs to melt is still a debateful topic, some say asteroids that collided to the same area caused the melting of the ice bergs. Furthermore, some historian believe in ancient pre-historic civilizations who mostly went extinct because of this catastrophic event. Graham Hancock, an open minded historian who has been investigating the architecture of ancient and pre-historic civilizations, points out a very interesting figure that have been sculptured all around the world in different cultures and times. The figure is consisted of a bearded man that has his hands in a very particular way in front of his body; Graham also points out that this bearded man figure sculpture who has been discovered in ancient ruins in many different sites was a prophet of civilization or the man who brings the knowledge and wisdom to possibly new settlements after the great flood. On one hand, I believe and I think it is rational to believe in pre-historic civilizations which were capable of building extra ordinary temples and monuments, were also able to build an ark with a help of a wise man to prevent a total mass destruction. On the other hand, again it is my personal opinion and I believe people were very different back then in practically every aspect to modern people; from their beliefs to lifestyle and day to day life. And who knows what motives and intentions they had? In many different discoveries there at least a story of a God who did this and that and ancient people believed in it. It seems easy now to just ignore an entire civilization's belief just because it doesn't match with our standards today; But if we think about it deeply and read broadly, it is easy to consider the Noah's ark as a true story only because there are even more mysterious stories out there that turn out to be true.

  • It's all nonsense!

    There is no scientific evidence of a global flood. That is a fact, but many bible believers don't deal in facts. So many ridiculous aspects to the Noah's ark yarn, that it is difficult to know where to start. Asking a simple question, such as how did animals from all around the world manage to make their way to the ark, is met by the response, "God got the animals to the ark." Those who believe the Noah's ark story is historically and factually correct, deny science and replace it with the supernatural to explain things. When you do that you can use the supernatural to explain everything, and with that kind of mindset presenting any form of argument to the believer is a complete waste of time!

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