Is the study of Shakespeare still relevant today

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  • Bla bla bla

    The only reason it is relevant to learn is to show how much it must have sucked to try to read anything when Shakespeare was alive. It also stands to tell future play writers to never write anything similar to his plays because they will be boring and nobody will like them, especially high-school students who are forced to read them.

  • Why wouldn't it be?

    Shakespeare's work is indeed "old" compared to the work of today, however his works and studying his works are still very relevant in today's society. Many people to this day still look up to Shakespeare even though he died a few centuries ago. Many universities around the world still study Shakespeare's work, teaching it to this generation as our generation will pass their knowledge down to the next generation, and so on and so forth. So yes, of course, Shakespeare's works are still relevant. If I must say, they'll continue to be relevant for eternity.

  • Of course, it's history.

    Not to get off topic, but studying Shakespeare is as essential in literature as Bach is in musical literature (or atleast I believe). It is almost like a history lesson to study them; it helps give context on how later literature/music came to be and how they were influenced.

    There's also the benefit that most people cannot read and understand Shakespeare/Bach with ease. This helps strengthen the mind by having to decipher metaphors and implicit writing (as In Shakespeare's case) or different motifs and ideas (Bach).

  • Classic literature is timeless.

    Shakespeare is still relevant today. Studying Shakespeare's works in the classic language has actually been shown to be quite beneficial. A study was done that found that classic texts like Shakespeare's aid in self-reflection by stimulating the section of the brain that deals with autobiographical memory. In fact, it has been suggested that reading poetry may improve memory.

  • Love is relevant

    Even though Shakespeare lived from 1564-1616 and he wrote about love because love was in his time as well. We have love in our time. Even though the love also was forced between Demetrius loving Helena at the end of Midsummer Night’s Dream by a magical flower. Love is relevant

  • Because its true

    Sir. Shakespeare is still and will always be relevant to our society.
    Though he had written these plays almost 400 years ago, but they still turn out to show so many similarities when compared to today's world and its people.
    I dont think we got any rights to make fun of his great work or accuse him by any means

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  • Perhaps, but in our quest to highlight one strand of classic literature we overlook all other great works and authors,

    I would prefer to see Edgar Allen Poe, or even Tolkin being analyzed and studied. Shakespeare's work has its place, but when we force students to endure three to four entire play units we're simply forcing repetition. To analyze we need an array of diversity in our book choice, and to improve our writing skill we need modern text alongside aged text.

  • Waste of Time

    It is not really relevant today. Why would we ready Shakespeare, when we have better books and authors to read. His works are all confusing, and not even I can understand them. Sure he was a great man of his time, but we have better authors now; not some confusing man who has his head in the clouds.

  • Waste of my life

    Shakespeare is not relevant whatsoever in today's society and the language is completely alien to most people. Imagine if you were an English teacher, would you teach your students a Spanish text? No, because it is a completely different language. Shakespeare's writing is also a completely different writing.Because he is boring. Why should i go to my english classroom and learn this? Why? I could be at the gym lifting all day. I don't want to sit in a classroom filled with imbeciles bitting their fingers at me. It's disgusting and obnoxious. "thos slap thy face" wise words from a wise man. Thanks you andrew.
    When will we use this in life? The answer is never.. There shall be no "Thy shall thou thee" when applying for a job. So people quoting that shakespeare is imperative in our lives are either "english/literature" fanatics which most people aren't henceforth students should be learning something that will help them strive in the future instead of "teaching a fish to climb a wall." thanks m8.
    No to Shakspeare Seriously, I am a 15 year old student and I would honestly prefer to listen to the boring election than have to listen to the life of a 50 year old gay guy who is in love with his best friend and almost dies because of him. I seriously took no interest to it whatsoever, the book was way too difficult to understand and I was constantly reading the modern translate to understand the language.
    It's Too Vulgar Shakespeare's righting is too vulgar!! Romeo and Juliet is implying that suicide is the answer to termoyl and sadness. There is violence and gore in a lot of his plays. There are also sexual themes incorporated in a lot of his plays. On another note, when in the world would we use his material any where else than a high school and collage test?
    No! I don't believe that Shakespeare should be taught in schools anymore. Shakespeare is very outdated now, and pretty much dead. Plus, It's very boring material for students, and only a certain type of personality can appreciate it. Let's make school reading material just a little more interesting in the 21st Century!
    Shakespeare is irrelevant I am a Mother, and Shakespeare today does not spark an interest in today's society. Our Children need to be mentally challenged with real issues facing today's youth. We need to focus on World Changers. Our Children our no longer children. They have access to the most horrific crimes, injustice, poor politics, and religious confusion. We need to leave Shakespeare to the thespians interested in his work, and take time to acknowledge the real issues that our children click on the Internet that goes unspoken causing stress, confusion, and mental excursion. Why are we teaching Shakespeare and not commuter code? Our Worlds drop out rate is at an all time high. Shakespeare did nothing to assist with my growth and I have never needed to quote Macbeth.

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  • Stupid as White Vans

    Useless as Washington's rebellion. He is completely useless. I will never use his crap. I would burn all his known works if i had them. I hate all that useless bull. I will never use this.., NEVER. Completely useless. Where the heck would i ever need this. You would have to be an idiot to care about this crap.

  • Shakespeare more like Gayspeare


  • Becuase it sucks

    Fuck shakepser he sucks he is dead no one likes him he could suck my left nut his writing is so boring but he is funny sike af he sucks ass the only one that was good was romeo and juliet ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Its irrelevant to learn

    Why should learn about something that's over 400 years old when we can learn more relevant thing today. We could be spending of time learn about new and up coming poets in our time not 400 YEARS AGO. Like seriously we don't need skakespeare anymore so lets just get over him.

  • No the language is different

    What's the point of reading it if you can't understand what it means. There are lots of good books why can't they study more modern one That students can understand. It's like getting students to read a Spanish book. I don't see how studying books is beneficial. Books/plays are meant to be enjoyed not studied.

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