• Teachers are better than computers

    Teachers can come help you all the time while at school.A computer needs internet to work but a teacher doesn't. Teachers have most of the answers. You can't get a computer working outside. If you do it can damage. Anyway a teacher can help you get on to technology. I think teachers are better than computers.

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  • A good teacher is better than a computer.

    A good teacher is better than a computer because they can answer questions directly without the time needed for a search. A good teacher takes the time to explain areas that a student may not understand simply from reading about a topic. Attending real life class with a teacher is a way of having a person spoon feed the material to a student. Attending an online class requires more self motivation.

  • Teachers are better than computers.

    Teachers are able to relate and better understand students. Teachers have a way of being able to breakdown information to help students understand where computers just give you standard answers or links without breaking information down to where it can be understood. Teachers can also see patterns and pick up on weaknesses that may need to be addressed.

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