Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership bad for Americans?

  • TPP is BAD for America and Americans

    IF Trans-Pacific Partnership goes into effect the way it reads now, all of the efforts that we have made to protect our citizens from contaminated food, contaminated water, etc will be for nothing. We will no longer be allowed to regulate what goes into products we use as it can be challenged by the "tribunal" which will be made up of corporate lawyers. We all know how that works. No state will have enough funds to file lawsuits, so fracking will exist where it doesn't now. Who will be responsible for making sure pharmaceuticals are compliant when pills come from foreign markets? This is only good for big business and not for citizens. STOP worrying about other countries and START worrying about USA!

  • It is bad for Americans.

    The Trans Pacific Partnership is very bad for Americans. While there may be a select few who benefit from the Trans Pacific Partnership, the majority will suffer from it. Instead of helping out the other countries that are part of the Trans Pacific Partnership, we should be focused on directly helping Americans.

  • It;s bad for odinary americans

    A small % of americans will benefit from it, but the large majority of them will not. Tpp is used to boost the economies of compliant u.S pupet regimes. Most of these pupet regimes are some of the most brutal dictatorships in the world, such as japan. So why are we propping up such unethical regimes? Let's face it, very few things coming out of the u.S regime has been good for americans. I do not believe the u.S regime has the american's interests at hand.

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