• Maybe it is.

    It's difficult to tell what the right thing to do is in these situations. It appears that war is the only thing that will stop an organization like ISIS. The problem with war is that innocent people always end up getting killed in the middle of it. Violent assaults should only be a last resort.

  • Yes, the Turkish assault is the right way to stop ISIS

    The strategy to stop ISIS and other terrorists should include a direct assault as well as severing any financial resources that are supporting the group. The decision for Turkey to use force is backed by U.S. fighter jets. The U.S. needs to maintain and support their allies during the fight against terrorism.

  • Turkey right to pursue action in Syria

    Turkey is taking the right action in Syria in order to stop ISIS. The terror group has claimed land in Syria, and the only way to stop the group is through military force. This also helps seal the border, and helps in the concerted effort among several countries, including the United States and Russia.

  • Yes, this will help stop ISIS.

    The Turkish military assault on Syria is one step to stopping ISIS. More countries need to provide military support and ground forces to defeat the Islamic State. The addition of Turkish military forces attacking targets in Syria will help stop ISIS from spreading. However, additional military resources will be needed to defeat the terrorists organization.

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