• The world will always need the U.N.

    I don’t think that the U.N. will ever become obsolete. The U.N. is the best way for countries to
    communicate peacefully. Countries can
    air out their grievances in the U.N. and often come to a peaceful
    resolution. This prevents countries from
    going to war over petty differences and potentially saves millions of lives.

  • No, the mission of the UN is a worthwhile one.

    No, the UN was formed for the purpose that the name implies: to unite the world's powerful nations in an effort to make the world a better place. The UN may be lacking credibility at this point in our history, but calling them obsolete is a statement I'm not ready to make. The problem really is that they don't seem to be too good at uniting amongst themselves, which is making them less effective, but it's still a worthwhile cause.

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