• Individual rights are not protected

    As an example you can be arrested, beat up or arrested for recording police with a camera. Even though tool to protect our rights are the camera the police know this as well. I have read numerous stories of police saying that a person recording them is interfering in their duty. The truth is police don't want recording because it can't be business as usual. Along with this I have seem multiple You tube videos where people where speaking their minds and police did not like what they were saying and arrested them. They were told that they are creating a public nuisance when all they were doing was exercising their first amendment rights. Ignorance of the law is no excuse correct? This should apply to police as well. They should know the law and the rights that they are protecting and if they arrest you for no reason then they are breaking the law. But we are so crazy. We allow police to arrest us and either out of ignorance or blatantly to break the law by detaining a person without cause. Remember ignorance of the law is no excuse...But it is with police. They can charge you and allow the courts to sort it out and you should feel lucky not to be convicted. Things need to change. Police need harsher punishments if they break the law. The reason for this is if they get caught once they have been using the badge to get away with it for years. People better start caring about their rights.

  • Stop and sniff

    The other day I was driving back to San Diego from AZ. Around Pine Valley in CA I was stopped for an "immigration check." 3 cops, one with a dog, circled my BMW. The dog did a 360 sniff and the cops did a 360 visual. This used to be a stop to ask if you were bringing any fruits or vegetables to CA. Then it became an immigration stop where the cops looked at the occupants and decided if they needed to question anyone. Now everyone is searched by dogs. This is unacceptable.

  • Yes, as of late.

    Between people wanting armed guards at grade schools and Occupy policemen harassing protesters who have every legal right to be protesting, yes, the U.S. seems to as of late, be on the road to becoming a police state. This is very unfortunate because it quiets parts of the population that have every right to move about freely and express themselves without someone watching over their shoulders, whether it be grade school children or political protesters.

  • Yes, as of late.

    Between people wanting armed guards at grade schools and Occupy policemen harassing protesters who have every legal right to be protesting, yes, the U.S. Seems to as of late, be on the road to becoming a police state. This is very unfortunate because it quiets parts of the population that have every right to move about freely and express themselves without someone watching over their shoulders, whether it be grade school children or political protesters.

  • Actual Police Responsibility

    The US is on it's way to becoming a police state. When police can break the law and travel outside of their duties without repercussions, then we are headed to becoming a police state. Time and time again police beat innocent citizens and commit other various injustices (corruption, false accusations), but this will happen in any society. The problem is when there is no punishment and that same officer is given paid leave for a month. Here, there is no punishment for a violation of rights, and when this occurs, the respect for individual rights declines, and a police state can flourish.

  • Time is already here

    Look who buying all of the ammo,and listening, looking and stopping people for no reason. The present President is not upholding the law(s) on the book. Can not speak freely or you will be label something. Even though you want to think things are going great then take my spotlight.

  • Are we a police state?

    I believe we are seeing the starting point of a police state here in America. There are all kinds of things happening around us that many turn the blind eye to. People who are scared and offended, too comfortable to accept what is right in front of you. Those kind of people will call us who do see what is goin on, "conspiracy theorists". Even with proof, facts and evidence to back up the so called "theories".
    I do a grand total of 4% don't see it, but a majority of us do and I think that is awesome!! 96% of us are awake, and that is what America needs to do,
    WAKE UP!!!

  • Terrorism, because of the trumped up war with Iraq, will be used to justify the coming military state of America

    Terrorism is the technique of a trapped group of people where there is absolutely no recourse, when all other options are closed. Knowing this, the Chaney (Bush) administration realized that they could accomplish two goals by invading Iraq: the total destabilization of the mid-east and force a police state in America to further protect the super rich.

  • The United States isn't quite there, but the justifications needed to create such a state are becoming apparent.

    I am a libertarian so I will admit my potential for bias, but I try to stick to the facts. My family mostly believes that cops are under siege from criminal elements, yet I would wager it's the populace at large that has more to fear. If the police are here to protect our rights, the reason for which I would fully support police, then why do we so often see our rights infringed upon? Illegal searches are probably the worst instance of this, along with the less frequent assault and/or murder. I spoke to my grandmother and asked her "why do you think the police in local towns have armored cars?" And to my shock (well, perhaps not), she said "they need them! They're getting killed out there!" Interesting. Well most Americans have access to small caliber weapons, nothing warranting an armored vehicle. Makes you wonder what the real purpose of having such an Arsenal is. Not only that, but cops are being killed less frequently than ever before. I support the police when they do their job and protect our rights. But I do not support the police's assertions that they have their own set of rules and rights unavailable to the public at large, such as a seeming immunity from criminal charges involving an unlawful search, arrest, or injury. Just my thoughts.

  • If you say no, you are either blind or a complete imbecile.

    We are monitored every second of our lives, not just through a monitoring police force. Every thing we type and send out on social media and every picture uploaded is an update of our lives for friends, and for any law enforcer to access. Every post, text and picture sent is for all eyes. This lets our FBI and government see what and when we're going to do next. Or group us with other who did a similar act because of the similarities in what we posted. They market laptops, televeision, texting and data as the next great innovation, when in reality how do you know they're not peeking at you through your connect, laptop camera, or iPhone camera? Your social media, texts and phone calls create a bigger profile of you in the eyes of the government. Also they distract you with the media and tv shows and modify our learning systems to dumb us down. They hold information back to curve your perspective on things to believe what they believe. It's a rhetorical triangle made for who they're talking to, and what they're trying to persuade you to believe. They orchestrate scenarios with certain ethnicities to persuade you to believe people of certain decent or social status act a certain way, yet this is nearly a stereotype of these people. They allow illegal immigrants here to work for cheap under the table money and treat them like shit, then once they fight for rights in the work place, all of a sudden they're immigrants stealing our jobs. Also they make it seem like these people get treated better to make you hate them. Our government pits us against each other and we don't even realize it. They create stereotypes for you to create stereotypes. It goes so deep. Cancer is population control, it costs more money to treat than to cure, which is why the cure has yet to surface and euthanasia is still illegal in most places. Also, police brutality is at an all time high, and people and the media think it's geared more toward people of color so that people of color hate whites, and our government dishes out money and benefits to the same people to pit whites against blacks. They know what they're doing. Another thing, you don't think its possible for the government and FBI to see exactly what I am typing on my computer this very second? Well news flash, I've seen someone do it in front of my own eyes. Obviously they can. They false advertise that we are free, when we still have men signing up for the draft in case of war. Propaganda to join the forces is still a thing. Look around, think about it. Educate yourselves people. The system is corrupt and change needs to happen. I just hope it's soon, because our kind is not only a plague to this planet we call home, but a plague to each other.

  • No, the US is not becoming a police state.

    While the United States has increased in terms of security measures, I do not believe it has become a police state. Events such a the recent happenings in Boston prove that security's presence in the minds of United States officials is justified. Citizens and visitors alike are able to navigate our country freely without fear of attack while still enjoying the full array of rights given to us by the US Constitution, the US is not a police state, it is a safe state and a calm state of being.

  • Not even close.

    If you want to see a police state go live in North Korea or China. Police officers are part of the executive branch that enforces the laws that were passed by the people through propositions or their elected representatives. You can't expect an officer to not ever make mistakes and now all the thousands of laws off the top of their head. That's why our constitution creates "checks and balances" with due process through the legislative branch (courts). Police officers are human too and some make mistakes, with over 800k law enforcement officers in the US alone. But most officers are good, have a tough job, and do amazing service for the community.

    By definition also no, the force used is minimalized, there is no torture or maiming. We have no political prisoners. There are multiple political parties within the US.....Etc,

  • Not by definition

    Although there seem to be many cases of blatant abuse of authority by the police, these cases are individual and clearly in breach of the law. This is proved by the action taken by state and government when these cases are documented, e.g. filmed.

    These officers face repercussions by the hand of the state and government. These actions are clearly not accepted.

    With the rise of video recording tools we are inevitably seeing much more of this, and therefore starting to understand the scope of the problem. But the fact that we didn't see this before does not mean it did not happen, maybe even to a much larger extent.

    What we see is clearly worrying, and there IS a big problem with police abuse of authority in the US, especially compared to other western nations, where the police is generally held in high regard as public servants.

    But the answer to the question "are the US becoming a police state?" Is no. People's rights are protected by the law. In a police state this is not the case, or these laws are not followed on a practical basis.

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