Is the U.S. becoming more and more like Communist Russia?

  • The Trucking Industry

    You don't want to go, head on with the big boys in logistics. They are all intertwined. The United States is a young nation. The U.S., was great. Was. I find this hard to take in, but when you can no longer hide, or deny the truth. I waa forced to open my eyes very recently. The American dream, has already died. We are only witnessing the foul decay. 52% of Citizens on support, our military only accepts illegal immigrants, or feminine men with fancy resumes. The average American, is too stupid to change a spark plug. Civil Rights, what are those? A myth. Maybe it's good they won't enlist me. There's nothing to save.

  • Dictatorship not democracy.

    Georgia Republicans are threatening tax repercussions if Delta withdraws support for the NRA. Sounds similar to Putins tactics when anyone disagrees with him. This strategy has been allowed to happen due directly from Trumps playbook which has emboldened narrow minded troglodytes to punish those who have a broader view of the world. Debate is dead, dictatorship rules.

  • Widescale Brainwashing in the US

    Everywhere you look in the media you see heavily leftist-influenced propaganda being pushed. Christian values and morals have been thrown out, and anyone who practices them is ridiculed. If you do not believe the US is becoming more communist then you are VERY delusional my friend. Our tax money goes towards wars that kill millions of people for the gain of the US government.

  • It is 100% true

    I'm not surprised we have not been categorized as communist yet. All of our rights were trying to be taken away by Hillary. Luckily, Donald Trump has become our new leader to help preserve our "democracy". But our next president might not be the same as Trump. I predict in the next ten years, we will be considered communist, as we should be.

  • America is becoming Communist

    America is becoming Communist, because there is too much political correctness. Many people of my generation are being recruited to join radical leftist groups in colleges across America. In addition, there has been much debate about trivial symbols, such as flags. Merely because people are offended, the government and media have taken great measures to essentially sweep history under a rug. People aren't even standing for the National Anthem anymore. I have a feeling that a violent revolution may rise.

  • Our Government is getting be like USSR

    Yes we are losing more and more of our Freedom and Value mostly Christian ones and our Preasident want put us into Martial Law if we have a crisis or not also they are getting ready for One World Order Too so We The Peoole of The United State better star fighting and get our country back for us and get rid of those in the Government who believe in this bad stuff before it is to late and I know I rather die then live that way and I want get this Anerica back to the People before we lose ecerything

  • End the Fed

    The most telling things are the ones they refuse to teach you.

    Capitalism and communism result in the same end: all the wealth and protection of said wealth from the peoples who produced it to those at the top of the hierarchy who did not, to the detriment of everyone besides those at the top.

    It is antithetical to how human beings operate, where the gain of the individual and the group are seen as one and the same.

    The United States became a communist country as soon as the Federal Reserve took control of our money supply. If the government not only controls prices and the creation of currency, but also owns all the police and military to uphold those decisions what power do the People truly have?

    And who owns the Federal Reserve? It is a private corporation, owned by people who are largely independent of our government, but because they own the Federal Reserve (aka All The Fucking Money) they have our government by the balls. Therefore, our government who is supposed to represent the people responds to the interests of the Federal Reserve.

    And the people in the Federal Reserve, to keep themselves in power, do not want you (the citizen) to ever, ever be financially independent. They never want you to own your own home, so they petition the government for property taxes (so you never truly own your home). You truly don't own any belongings more than you can carry (if you lose home and have no job where can you store all those belongings you have?). The jobs are being automated, rendering the working and middle class of this population redundant and increasingly reliant on government money for food (food stamps/SNAP) and medical care (ObamaCare).

    Governments use their monopoly on violence to protect the private individuals who create all the "rules" we must abide by, all the rules the government creates makes it easier for the private individuals to own everything of value (homes, working cars, corporations that produce food, etc). Sounds like communism to me.

  • The Police State We Are In Says It All

    The Police State We Are In days it all. I am 44 years old an in all of my life I do not ever recall the police being involved of so much detail in our life. It was created of course by the Government but just think about your daily day. Here is mine:

    1. Take kids to school, was police at school back when I was in school, no. Now, absolutely. It's a false safety blanket to make us think are children are safe at school.

    2. Drive to work. Do you ever recall seeing so many HWY Patrol and sheriff depts on road? I'm not even going to get started on county sheriffs. It's a fraud that these idiots wear a badge. They strut around like they are tough, anyone can be a sheriff! At least the State HWY Patrol have to go through a type of training.

    3. Arrive at work, another false safety blanket to make us feel safe.

    4. Grocery store, don't recall the fuzz being at grocery store, it's getting bad.

    Lastly, you far right Sean Hannity type need to open up your eyes! You listen to the poison that schmuck spouts on his radio show. He is as bigger a divider than Trump. We need to go back to Bobby Kennedy's short campaign for President and become United. Trump and hid minions are destroying this country. I never, ever would have thought back in the Fall of 1992 when ii was a Freshman in college shortly before Nirvana changed my life that we'd see what we are seeing today. It's time a Nirvana type of President takes office and takes the nation by storm, uniting us all, no matter race, religion or political party.

  • Usa government are brainwashers and liers

    Iam sick of the way our nazi government is.First of all the borders should be open .This is a free country .Did the people of the federal government forget that ?Looks like they need to study history better .All Americans are illegal aliens then .Because the true Americans The indians did not have a choice.The federal government stold this land we so call America away from the indians.And now our police and military country is the federal government way of saying to us all ,we got rid of the indians now we can slave our own people .To rebuild this country for our nazi federal government .This is why the government brainwashes all the American people .Begins with the wall around Mexico then Canada and then next travel bans for all American slaves.This is the future for all American people .This is why we all see so much police brutalization force now .The police is working with the military .Soon their orders will be shoot first ask questions later.

  • Definition of communism:

    A system in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed. Isn't this the goal of all the so called progressives?

    I'm seeing it more and more. Property owners no longer have rights to control their own property. Business owners can no longer control their own businesses. The poor now have better healthcare than those who work. Etc, etc.

  • It's not the same in several respects

    Communism in Russia was a system that permeated all of Russia, from foreign policy, nationalism, and its economy. The U.S. Is far from being like Communist Russia in those regards. Our values, culture, and policies are still quite far from those of Communist Russia. For example, we are still very much capitalistic. We have many personal freedoms that are guaranteed under the Constitution. The U.S. Culture is mostly of self-determination and self-reliance. Even though some policy makers have been accused of moving the country toward a "leftist" existence, it's still far from Communist Russia and the people of this country simply won't allow it that far.

  • Usa is communism

    They are taking away our democracy of WE THE PEOPLE... We the people is now meaningless to the government they are the ILLUMINATI.... Friends can you all not see the truth is one step ahead and the government will make it farther if you do not see it sooner... There is trouble ahead if we the people don't take action in a timely manner, IT WILL BE TOO LATE!!!

  • Most people don't understand what communism really is.

    1st Russia is no longer communism. In communism there would be no private property. Great quote that describes a communist system is "each according to his need each according to his ability". In the U.S the 1% is getting richer in communist system all the wealth is disturbed equally. Follow me on twitter at

  • This is the biggest joke in the world

    America turning communist is a total joke specially if they are looking at Barack Obama the man has been president already for almost five years and there are no signs that he has any socialist communist affiliation on the contrary he is a wealthy capitalist. That enjoys capitalism more and more each passing. Year as president

  • Freedom vs. Safety

    This comes down to freedom vs. safety. When the government makes laws, it is (for the most part) for the good of all people.
    Let's take 9/11 and flight security for example. When something catastrophic happened we felt the need to make a law about it. Do we really only feel the need to make laws only after people die?
    To restrict people on certain (not all) rights for the good of the majority of people is not being Communist, it is simply being sensible.

  • We surpassed Russia long ago

    America is so bad now, we make Russia look like the free world. Sad but true. Perfect examples: Corruption in politics. We have new scandals every day, and so many new laws we cant do anything without violating them. We cant even stand still, or we will be fined for loitering. We must eat and use what our government tells us to. Or we face fines or jail time. We cant start our own business without the risk of having it seized. We are watched 24/7 even at home. Almost makes me want to move to Russia.

  • No, U.S. is not becoming more and more like a Communist Russia.

    No, U.S. is not becoming more and more like a Communist Russia. The U.S. can create as many laws as they see fit but that does not mean they always will be followed by everyone. We did create the government to work for the citizens and now the citizens work for the government, which is wrong in my opinion.

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