Is the U.S. government working in the best interest of the people?

  • Government's Job is to Protect Citizens

    The U.S. government's job is to protect its citizens, be it from enemies or floods, bullets or storms, terrorists or tornadoes. The federal government is working in the best interest of the people since we elect our own senators and representatives to Congress. In this republic, voters take destiny in their own hands. If our leaders and government fail us, it is our job to find a suitable replacement within the law.

  • Congress is a Complete Waste

    The biggest pay of Gov't waste we have.....$175,000.00 per Congressman. For what? How many days out of the year do they work? Think...... About all the perks they have, inside info from Wall Street, which is our money making investments and making the rich rich. That sure caring for the American people!

  • Analyze the factors motivating government actions.

    In a democracy with elected representatives, at least in this one, the highest priority for those elected seems to be to get re-elected. This is not necessarily entirely self-serving. If the newly-elected representative/senator has drunk their own kool-aid, they may well actually believe they are the best person for the job. Therefore it is their patriotic duty to ensure they are re-elected.

    I think, however, that this altruistic (misguided Pollyanna) position may infect only a small number of elected officials. A closely aligned situation seems to be that when an individual is elected they conclude that they know better than anyone else what is best for the country and their constituents, no matter what the polls say. Finally, we come to those persons acting out of pure greed and self-aggrandizement. These are the politicians we have come to know and love.

    Having spent some time in state-level politics, I argue that it is virtually impossible for a candidate to maintain a high level of integrity and still get elected. The process makes that a non-starter. Too many compromises are needed to get sufficient support from experienced politicians and campaign contributors. So, we get what we get. Before we give up entirely ...

    Remember, as Winston Churchll said, "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others."

  • Government forgot who elected them

    The government is not working for the people because they forgot who elected them. The government is letting big business and the richest one percent decides what are policies are in this country. But it’s not just the government fault, we as a people forgot about pressuring the government when they did something we did not like and we forgot about hard work.

  • Not even close

    The current government is to worried about making it fair for everyone. They are stifling work ethic, breeding class warfare, handing out 'free' stuff like it is candy and creating a huge portion of the population dependent on government handouts to survive. We as a people need to be responsible for ourselves. When I was young I did not have a 50 inch TV, I had to work for it, save my money. Today everyone expects things, and I feel the classic example of that is the "free" cell phones. This will be the death of this country, entitlements will kill this nation, and someday we can all put our hands out and ask China to support us.

  • They're trying, but...

    Ultimately, it seems that government is really influenced by the economic factors, both private and international, and are driven by this need to be a superpower amongst nations. I feel that government does try to help its people, but it is inevitable that governments will generally maim people with certain policies for the betterment of the country itself. I feel like people have their interests heard and met more with local governments, and those voices are lost amongst the larger parts of government.

  • Not in our interest!

    No, the U.S. government is not working in the best interest of the people. If they were, then they would be less concerned about foreign matters and focus on domestic issues. The fight against 'terrorism' is also contrary to the values of our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom. We have a right to privacy and a fair trial process, things that have been taken away from us to prevent 'terrorist' acts against us. By 'protecting' us, they have also destroyed our freedoms.

  • Absolutely not!

    They are working in the best interests of big businesses and the rich.

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