• Of course it is!

    Yes, the UK may have unpredicable weather but the scenary is really pretty. Plus, the UK is one of the top ten countries that are good to live in. Children generally get good scores and grow up to get very good jobs. Our healthcare is free which is aesome as well. I lived in the UK for all of my life and I'm really happy here!

  • The United Kingdom is a good country.

    The United Kingdom is a good country. I believe this because I have a few friends that live in the United Kingdom. It is just like asking if America is a good country. There are citizens that feel that it is great and some that think otherwise. They have their own set of rules that they see fit for their country.

  • The United Kingdom is pretty especially with Ireland

    The United Kingdom is a male country. Just look at the top of it, the head (Scotland) and you can just tell the United Kingdom is supposed to be male. Ireland is female and is the United Kingdom's wife. Together the UK and Ireland put together with their boundaries and especially in the map with the example are very visually appealing. I hope Ireland never gets N. Ireland because it just wouldn't look as pretty on a map.

    The United Kingdom/Ireland ensemble is not the only well-done artistic representation on the world map. "Lithuania" can also be known as "Africa in miniature".

    Russia is just not well done. It would be prettier if there were more countries in that area instead of a giant space of just one country. It's as though the artist was bored so they decided to make a giant country because that's easier.

    Serbia was prettier when it included Kosovo. Now it just doesn't look as pretty anymore. The shape's all off.

    China has a big butt which is Tibet and Manchuria is the head. Hard to gender China but I think she's a male. Japan is definitely male but when you look at it and think of it as "Nippon" it seems more feminine.

    Last but not least. Algeria (head), Niger (torso) and Burkina Faso and Chad (arms) make a nice Picasso-style painting and my favorite part of the artist's drawing of "Earth". You could say they are sitting on Nigeria in a way that conceals its/their legs.

  • Yes, of course it is!

    Freedom of speech
    NHS provides everyone with healthcare
    Welfare State takes care of everyone
    Most people are friendly, we have a good sense of humour
    Good nightlife
    Pop culture
    Fantastic Universities

    So have a think about it. Only problem is that with the current exchange rate $2 = roughly £1 so if you came here with, say $100,000 that would only be worth about £50,000 and that won't go far in the UK today, certainly wouldn't buy you a house or a flat or anything.

    Hope you decide to come, its a great country, I wouldn't live anywhere else!

  • No, and yes, and mainly no.

    I live in England and was born here. Good points.

    - Socialised healthcare: English people panic almost as much their American counterparts upon hearing the word 'socialism', but as it's served us incredibly well almost everyone across the political scale wants it to stay.

    - Being more socially liberal than some places. Thank God (or not) that anyone ever suggesting a ban on abortion would get anywhere near the top job. Also our deputy prime minister isn't hated for being an atheist who once gave an interview boasting about how he banged 30 or so women. He's hated because he's a lying little weasel.

    - Our sense of humour. We make each other laugh a lot. And laughter is needed, because I think I just ran out.

    -Democracy - our system is dreadful. The system is deliberately set up so one of two parties (this time one paired with a smaller) and you get the choice between centre and centre-right. Although the majority of people here vote for centre/left wing(ish) parties, it's skewed in favour of the conservatives, for now. Also tactical voting is often necessary and even encouraged - out of two awful candidates to vote for the one you hate the least. Not sure that's exactly how the Greeks imagined it.

    -The EU - all anyone ever talks about

    -Racists - more and more people in the 'English Defence League' marching through cities, defending England by getting drunk, snorting coke, and shouting 'who the f**k is Allah' at Muslim families.

    -Media - it's insane. Loads of it owned by Murdoch too. If there's one immigrant I'd like the EDL to save me from it's him.

    -Scotland - I want Scotland to leave us for it's own sake, but without their votes we might as well prepare for a 1000 years of darkness. Privatise the NHS. Then the army. Then the Queen's head.

    -Our history - colonialism, imperialism, invasion, supporting fascist regimes, support for South African apartheid, support for Israeli apartheid, a pathological need to help the USA out with its little misadventures...

    So yeah. Rule Brittania.

  • No it isn't, for one reason.

    The United Kingdom isn't a good country for one reason: It isn't a country. The United Kingdom, or more fully, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Republic of Northern Ireland is a kingdom of four countries. The most obvious country in the name is Northern Ireland. This is a republic located above Ireland, a country independent from the kingdom. Great Britain is a large island nearby containing three countries: Scotland, England, and Wales. So, although the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Republic of Northern Ireland might, to some people, be a good place to live, it is in no way a good country.

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AnonyFeline says2013-07-14T08:43:09.110
Perhaps you are referring to the UK and all its commonwealth realms and overseas territories.
AnonyFeline says2013-07-14T08:43:23.777
I think those were supposed to be capitalized.