Is the United States Bill of Rights still relevant today?

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  • The Bill of Rights is great

    I do think the Bill of Rights is still relevant today. It's a document that guarantees a country's people all sorts of freedoms, and you don't even see that in newer forms of government today. In my opinion, it is the single greatest government document that was ever written and used.

  • Yes: The Bill of Rights is Still Relevant Today

    The rights outlined in the document, such as the right to speak freely, peaceably assemble, or have a fair and speedy trial, are all relevant today, in the sense that they serve as the lawfully enshrined ideals that we understand to be the backbone of the nation. For the elites in power, however, the Bill of Rights has become increasingly irrelevant, a point which should not be taken lightly.

  • More than ever.

    Yes, the United States Bill of Rights is still relevant today, because the protections in it are constantly being eroded. Our freedom of speech is eroded to the point that you cannot even wear an American Flag to school on Cinco de Mayo, but you have to support taxpayer-funded birth control and abortions.

  • Of Course It Is

    I believe the United States Bill of Rights is still relevant today. I would not want to live in this country if the Bill of Rights was repealed. The Bill of Rights still protects and guarantees a lot of freedoms and rights in the United States. Assuming that it's no long worthwhile or relevant is a huge mistake.

  • The bill of rights is still relevant today here's why.......

    The bill of rights is still relevant today because if not then people would not have a say in anything and cops would not have warrants to search your house but they need one there are more reasons I think the bill o frights is still relevant today but its pretty obvious that it is still relevant and whoever said no WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!

  • Yes The Bill of Rights Is relevant

    Many say that the bill of rights is irrelevant but in reality without the bill of rights citizens would not be guaranteed certain rights that the federal government can not take away.For example, the first amendment it talks about freedom of speech, freedom to assemble ,freedom of religion,etc.Certain countries in the world do not have all of these rights.People are being persecuted because of their faith.Does that seem ok to you?That people are dying every day because of their religion?You should know how lucky we are that we don't have to worship in secret or be scared that one day they will find out that you are of a certain religion then kill you.

  • Yes i agree

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  • Yes i agree

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  • Yes, Its still relevant today.

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  • Needs to be revised.

    Considering it was written 200 years ago, I believe it should be looked at from a modern era point of view. People live differently now to back when it was written. I don't believe all of them are relevant like the second amendment. Why does anyone need a gun? People argue they need it to protect their families, but look at all the countries that don't allow that right to bear arms. They have less shootings. If there were less guns, the mentality of people would change to adapt to not having them. There would be less access to guns so there would be less shootings.

  • It would need a real makeover if it should have any relevance

    I believe that a lot of what is said in the United States Bill of Rights is relevant today, but that there is a lot that isn't. I think that if it should have any relevance or influence in political decisions it would need a real makeover. It is after all over 200 years old and a lot has changed since then.

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