• Don't go to Brazil

    The Zika virus is another one of those flukes that drums up a scare every couple of years, like bird flu, swine flu or ebola. In this case, though, all you have to do is make sure you're not pregnant when traveling to an area susceptible to the Zika virus. Not hard!

  • Only so much that can be done

    Yes, the United States seems to be doing all they can to prevent a Zika outbreak. The CDC has been working hard to educate the public--a key action in prevention. There has also been a lot of effort to find a vaccine for the virus and to find pesticides or other ways to get rid of the mosquitos carrying the virus.

  • Zika virus does not require much concern

    The United States is taking steps to protect the blood supply from Zika virus by screening donors and testing blood. The Zika virus poses little risk to most people. The CDC has provided information for free on how to minimize the risk of exposure to Zika. Little more needs to be done.

  • Zike is not a huge threat.

    I don't believe that the Zika virus is a huge threat in the United States at this time. The CDC is keeping everyone informed about outbreaks, and the recent announcements to stay away from the Florida counties with Zika if you are pregnant is a good example of this. People have the information that they need to make wise travel choices.

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