• I believe so

    From enrolling the homeless to gain government subsidy funds to offering a subpar education with bogus classes there is nothing too low for the University of Phoenix. Do not let the egotistic ally hopeful commercials fool you I have never seen an individual successfully graduate and get a high end job. The university on some occasions will stunt your learning by not telling people that they need to attend certain courses so they can force them to take another semester for one course. The university will even seek out homeless people to borrow student loans in exchange for a hundred bucks and a warm meal. When your university has to tell you everyday in your classes that you are getting a real education you know it's a scam.

  • University of Pheonix is Not a Scam

    No, the University of Phoenix is not a scam as it is an acredited institution. It may not be ranked as highly as even community colleges, but this does not make it a scam. It can provide a valuable resource for someone who needs a degree for a job advancement, for example.

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