• Kind of, but to say "It's an absolute Corporatocracy" is taking things out of proportion.

    In today's era, the United States government has been falling to corporations. This has definitely harmed democracy in this republic. I do not think the founding fathers would entirely support what the USA has become today (although, they have some views that aren't so appropriate for today anyway). Many of our Congresspeople do not represent, well the people, but instead represent the corporations. They will serve in the best interests of the corporations. Fortunately, we have many middle-class fighters taking a stand against this to take America back from its "extreme capitalism". The U.S. is about to hit a dark age of an oligarchy. The U.S. is definitely still a democracy, but it won't be forever at the rate we are going in if we do not change.

  • A combination plutocracy and corporatocracy

    It started with the Citizens United decision and Superpacs. When we dont have publically funded elections this is what happens. We have to get money out of politica and give back power to the people. Thats how its supposed to work. No more buying politicians.
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  • No, the USA is not.

    Although corporations have an unprecedented amount of political power, they are still not the ones who are making the vital decisions that determine our laws. Superpacs are a major issue that I quite frankly have no idea how to solve, but they are still not the greatest driving force in politics right now.

  • Not a full Corporatocracy

    I believe that even though many people think we're one I'm not sure if we're fully a Corporatocracy but I'm not sure. There's some evidence that we are but I haven't seen hard proof of us being one, only small time authors have talked about this but I don't know what to believe.

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