Is the US government doing enough to fight cancer?

  • Cancer Is A Health Problem

    I believe the United States government is doing enough to fight cancer. I believe cancer is a medical condition that should be studied, documented, and cured (fingers crossed) by our countries health care providers. Health matters should not be a government problem and we should not expect the government to do anything about cancer.

  • they are limited in the amount of activity.

    cancer is a disease. no amount of money can be thrown at it be cured right away. our goverment is giving the necessary funding to support the program but other than that, more doesnt need to be done. The US has other issues to attend to putting more effort into a cause that will inevitably be solved is a waste of money.

  • Dad didn't have to die!

    This topic angers me to my soul!! I'll never forget the look in my dad's eye's, when his doctor would speak to him about treatments, or why a particular medication didn't work, NO WORRIES GERALD we're gonna take care of this. My dad hung on every word, he trusted his doctor 100% !! I never saw my father so innocent, or so trusting!! My dad wanted to live! They started using chemo in the 1940's, it's 2015 what's that 75yrs...And in 75 years they haven't found a cure for cancer???? BULLSHIT!! Money, money, money!! The government has the cure, it's not a secret anymore!! Bottom line vitamin c, and food grade hydrogen are how much!! Both have been proven to cure both, HIV & Cancer! Why would the government take $30 when they can get $30,000 per treatment (I have know idea the cost of chemo treatments cost, just making a point) the government monitors people who purchase the products to ensure that it's not being used to treat health issues!! They don't want us to misuse the products, for FEAR of people killing themselves trying to cure cancer!! The government would rather let the chemo kill, what they fear is someone perfecting a pattern and going underground!!

  • Definitely not, almost the opposite

    From most of their choices it seems like they want cancer to thrive.
    Carcinogenic chemicals are in almost all of the products we consume. They know about this yet still fail to do anything to prevent it.
    *Alcohol - causes cancer - legal
    *Tobacco - causes cancer - legal
    *Cannabis - cures cancer - illegal
    What does that show...

  • No, the government is not doing enough to fight cancer

    The United States government is not doing much of anything to fight cancer. They put restrictions in place to help encourage healthier lifestyles but they do not offer affordable medical care to people to help prevent cancer and to treat it early when it is diagnosed. The government seems more concerned with making sure the pharmaceutical companies have everything they need over the citizens health and safety.

    Posted by: jus
  • No, we could be promoting healthier lifestyles and improving health care.

    The government can play a role in shaping the behavior of citizens through education and outreach. Although we don't know all the facts about cancer, we do know that certain forms are preventable and can be detected early, so programs can be implemented to reduce risk behaviors.

    In addition, with a true national health care system sponsored by the government, like those found in many parts of Europe, we would see a more proactive approach to health that could help prevent cancer, treat it earlier, and keep costs down.

  • Gov't Not Giving Its All in the War on Cancer

    No, the Government hasn't been giving its all in this egregious war on cancer. We continue to see outrageous increases in the number of people diagnosed with cancer every year. Simple funding towards cancer research isn't enough. There needs to be legislation to stop the known carcinogens from being thrown into everything we consume.
    It seems the FDA actually knows what is to blame in some cases, stating that certain additives in foods MAY cause cancer. Isn't the "may" enough to create strong legislation to ban or heavily regulate certain chemicals and products that we inadvertently consume on a daily basis?!
    We also know the devastating side effects of cigarettes, and other tobacco products, yet the only step towards getting rid of the problem has been to take away TV ads and costly prevention ads that seem to have little to no effect.
    It's all a common case of putting the dollar before the peoples' best interest!

  • More could be done.

    Of course the government isn’t doing enough to stop cancer. With all of the items having cancer warnings on shelves cancerous materials aren’t being limited enough. My city doesn’t have the amount of trees needed to cover sidewalks for preventing skin cancer. Especially cigarettes still allowed in packs of twenty. There isn’t even health insurance for everyone yet products that are required by law to state they cause cancer are sold in cancer sized quantities over shelves at grocery and regularly visited stores. In most cases anything as dangerous as tobacco would be over the counter with a prescription.

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