Is the US government doing enough to protect the environment?

  • We do far more for the environment than China, India and other large countries

    Protecting the environment is about risk management, where we devote a certain amount of resources to the task. If we devote too many resources, than that hurts our economy. Relatively speaking, we have far, far more regulations and protective measures than China, which pollutes more than we do. Overall, the EPA does a tremendous amount.

  • Yes, the US government does enough to protect the environment

    I believe that the US government does a great amount to protect the environment. The increased regulations of car emissions, as well as banning certain harmful ingredients in aerosol sprays are two ways that the government is protecting the environment. I honestly believe that they regulate environmental issues too much, but some may think this is beneficial to us as well.

  • No way does the US Government do enough to protect the environment.

    Considering they are $19.19 TRILLION in debt, they shouldn't be buying other countries environmental space because they always go over the limit. I agree that you have more laws than China and a lot more other countries, but they are doing a lot worse than you, and you are still not doing enough.

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