• Hillary swiped her private hard drive

    Acceptance of such behavior ,,by public servants has never been
    acceptable. Media defense of Hillary and Obama failure to handle
    documents is a national security issue ...And an affront to
    the American people. Hillary has intentionally misled the public
    and the media has never done its homework. Public servants my

  • US Media is Corrupt

    Yes, the United States mainstream media is corrupt in that the media is no longer performing its function of being a watchdog to the Federal Government. Instead, the mainstream media is only an entertainment platform that often espouses political rhetoric instead of challenging that rhetoric. Thus, the mainstream media is corrupt.

  • Mainstream Media in the US is Not Corrupt

    Corruption would lead a person to believe that the mainstream media in the US is doing something wrong, therefore I do not believe it is corrupt. What is happening, is the mainstream media is being pushed by the government to sensor what they show on television and release to the public. They are, somewhat, afraid of reporting like they have in the past.

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