• Our Government IS, but WE the People can Change that.

    We say no to religious extremism, yet we support religious nut-jobs like Saudi Arabia and Israel.

    We tell countries to become democracies, yet we have had a hand in overthrowing many popularly elected governments, simply because they wouldn't give us access to their natural resources.

    We deride countries for poor human right standards, yet have arguably committed the gravest cases of human rights atrocities since the UN's inception.

    We preach about our great system of government and laws, but both are a joke. Our government is run by two parties who are sponsored by the same corporations, who went to the same elite schools since they were children, and who enact basically the same policies.

    The list goes on forever. We need to fix ourselves, and stop acting high and mighty to other countries.

  • Healthcare Reform and Africa

    The United States has manipulated its citizens and the weak nations into total chaos for the sole purpose of domestic/global dominnation. Blacks and Latinos need to organize globally and part ways with the wicked West/Europe. First step is buliding a wall of genuine racial pride, which produces confidence. Misery loves company. Dont go down with a sinking ship.

  • Look at how hypocritical its history is

    Remember the war against Japan? Well, why was America so angry at Japan anyways? Because Japan was a threat. An Asian superpower scared America, and that's why they went to war. Tell me why America said that Japan could not suppress the freedom of the Koreans or Chinese, yet let the Europeans suppress the freedom of the Africans, Indians, and Indonesians. Because they are European, and they are our allies, but Japan looks scary, so we need to tell them to stop doing it. Also look at the Spanish American war, they preached freedom to the Cuban people against Spain, as one of the main reasons for the war justification, yet when they won, they preceded to take the freedom of the Phlipinos. The Phillipene citizens were fighting Spanish colonialism, and when America said to not plunder the Cubans, they plundered the Phillipinos. So they got replaced by one tyrant to another. America only spreads freedom when it coincides with its agenda.

  • America the land of hypocrites and deaf,dumb and blind citizens.

    Yes as stated above in the title America is governed by a hypocrite government who makes promises it cant keep and fullfills prmoises that only benefit its agenda for new world order. They blindly wage war on innocent countries for their own benefit in land extension and wealth from oil.And then blame the the innocent leaders for waging war on America when the only thing the innocent countries are doing is fighting back for there own land that their fathers lived and died on. America tries to show ots citizens as its the most loyal,transparent and many other bullshit they name them selves and their deaf dumb and bkind citizens believe them. The American government has a shadow government which is the real government and it carriea out all orders for new world order.The deaf dumb and bilnd citizens are left in the dark as usual . They will face downfall very soon As in reality America is the biggest terrorist since mankind was born.

  • The US needs to mind it's own business!

    The US invaded Iraq for allegedly creating some sort of nuclear bombs and the US invaded them based on false accusations. Yet the US develops nuclear bombs and was the one to even bring them to the world! Crazy how this nation is built on hypocrites . We invade a country based on false accusations, yet we do the same thing they do.

  • United States is the reason for the current global crisis... Financial, Environment & Humanitarian

    A horrible country, quick to justify ALL of its actions both past, present and future. They educate greed by example. Good deeds of the past cannot justify any present or future wrong intentions. Manipulation and deceet are its values. Hypocrisy each time they say 'God Bless America' because the others simply do not exist for them and their God.

  • Civilised nation, Guns , God and Girls

    America doesn’t do things by halves, the nation was conceived in rebellion and bloodshed and by the same spirit it lives in heart and minds of many of its people, today. The love of idols, Guns and violence codified in law to give you a legal excuse to violate the greatest law. That is the law, the new commandment given by the very God you claim to believe in, A new commandment I give you,love one another as I have loved you. Love isn’t a weekness it the motivation behind what makes a person great. Compassion is a great strength.

  • Blocked YouTube Channel and Nazi-Website

    The United States has come down hard on North Korean suppression of personal liberties. YouTube allows TomoNewsUS to report how Kim Jong Un ordered the execution of 80 people from crimes ranging from extreme morality of possession of Bibles to pornography. The North Koreans are portrayed as brutal for this--but does the US really fulfill the first amendment?
    Meanwhile, Google and Bing remove access to the website, the Daily Stormer. YouTube also blocked a pro-Kim Jong Un account. Why is this not suppression of freedom of speech?

  • There are sufficient arguments to hate Americans.

    Violation of human rights in Iraq,Afghanistan by killing children and women.Self defined terrorism.Using the power similar to Nazi forces , fascists and communists.Using the united nations for their own world level political strategy.Biased behavior regarding Muslim countries and there disputes Kashmir,Palestine ,Sabras.US shall surly start third world war and blow herself..

  • It's pretty darn obvious...

    Even though I mostly highly respect the country, there's no hiding that America truly has contradicted itself more than any other country in the world, and it really gives them a bad name to some non-Americans. I don't even need to bring up examples, because many of the people on this side of the debate have already beat me to it.

    Those who say 'No' on this debate are clearly just ignorant, and those here on the 'Yes' side who obviously hold extreme views (evangelicals and anti-Americans, for example) are ironically betraying the whole idea of a country founded on complete freedom, peace and unity, which it is painfully far from, especially in this current political climate nowadays.

    (This argument was submitted on August 2017, during Trump's presidency)

  • Not really, no.

    While we do support Middle Eastern countries, we support the government, not the idea.

    We have to throw out old governments, because they are ruthless dictatorships that won't go peacefully.

    While some war crimes may have been committed by the U.S., if we stroll over to the DPRK, or Syria, you will find worse.

    The system isn't a joke, we don't preach it all that much, and they aren't "sponsored' like some T.V. Show.

    If I had to say who was the most hypocritical, I might go with Russia for claiming to be better than the U.S., when they have had a horridly timed mass revolution, which turned into a terrible state, which eventually broke into many different countries, all while giving arms to the dictatorships while trying to keep good relations with the U.S.

  • Hahaha. Absolutely not.

    I dare say Iran is far more hypocritical, claiming a desire for peace and cooperation, while launching provocative attacks against minority factions of Islam and Israel. Russia, also, could be held to the same standard, as it preaches peace on one hand and ships weapons to radicalized faction on the other.

    China condemns US imperialism, while starving it's own citizens and encouraging infanticide of female infants with it's "1 child rule". It is even more hypocritical for buying out US debt, in an attempt to financially enslave the very people it claims enslave the world financially.

  • Middle Easter culture

    Is the inventor of hypocrisy.. Even the religion of Islam is a contradiction to its name.. They want justice but they are unjust to evn their own women.. They want freedom.. But the freedom they want is the freedom to oppress.... They even manage to put the words ' honor' and 'killing 'in the same phrase... Their way of liberty is to give more power to the already strong (men) at the cost of the weak (women)... As an 'Arab' woman, myself, I say that being Arab is not a culture but a character flaw that I am proud to not support. America is only a hypocrite when it lets these people practice their unjust ways on its ground!

  • The most, the least, the best and the worst- nonsense

    The never ending need to declare what is most or least, best or worst is getting old. We, as a nation, are unique in many ways and so are many other nations. It is arrogant to believe we hold the supreme position. We have accomplished much, learned much and, at times, failed to admit and correct our shortcomings. We have made mistakes, so who doesn't. Hypocrisy is something all governments and nations exhibit from time to time.
    The colonies breaking away from England formed a Nation, a good thing.
    America tolerating England’s occupation of Ireland is not a good thing. Yes, we have made mistakes and other nations will seize the opportunity to call foul.
    It is beyond question, America is a generous nation and has accomplished a lot in a very short time. Many nations have relied on our generosity and support.
    The framers of this nation provided a great document as the foundation. Americans should be proud yet not arrogant. Americans should be proud but still vigilant. The Constitution is America; it speaks to the rights and freedom of its people. This nation should extend the same courtesy to other nations. Simply, the entire world does not need to be like us, think like us, worship like us. All nations are unique and, in the absence of acts of aggression to oppress others, should remain so.

  • No I doubt it.

    While the US is hypocritical at times for a country, that does not mean they are the worst at it. I think every country as a little but of hypocriticalness going on behind the scenes, or right in our faces. It is just easier to see the flaws in your own country than others.

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