Is the video game industry on the verge of another market crash?

Asked by: JamesKLugo
  • Yes (And thats a good thing)

    Obviously as you all have seen the market has slowly spiraled down since 2 years ago, the drop almost at a 50% decrease of sales making it the biggest decrease since the 70's and 80's, consumers are not trusting big name companies anymore, people dont know what to buy, there is no variety in the AAA league, the care and effort put into games doesnt exist anymore, everyone is looking for money, its an exact mirror of what happened years ago in the first crash. If we were to crash again, devs would realize what gaming is supposed to be about and fix their errors to restore the industry for good (or until they mess up again)

  • Over saturation and lack of AAA Creativity.

    For those who don't know, in the 1970s-early 1980s, the video game industry was massive. In 1983, the market value was over $2 billion, over $4 billion today. This was still while the industry was still in its infancy. Then, from 1983-1984, the market lost 97% of revenue. The reason for this has been theorized by an abundance of cheaply made, poorly programmed games going for massive prices (The average cartridge game cost nearly $100 in today's money). But, thanks to Nintendo, the market revitalized and brought forth the Gaming Renaissance, the 8-bit generation that has given us most of our beloved classic games and franchises. The reason I bring this up is because things are looking similar to 1983. The industry, now worth $69.3 billion, is being flooded by same, bland, stagnant games from AAA developers. With a mobile game market running rampant and unchecked, and many companies declaring bankruptcy (THQ, Zynga, Atari (again)) it looks as if the market will once again go sour.

  • They're About To Crash

    The VG Industry is entirely about to crash. Too many developers and publishers have been killed. The games are getting much more worse. The graphics engines run even slower than earlier graphics engines. The sounds and the music are getting worse. Tell all game developers and publishers that the games are awful and tell them to improve them greatly. Tell the game companies to: Improve the game engines and graphics greatly, improve the sound greatly, remove interactive music, bring back difficulty settings, change the fps target to 30, adapt the graphics to fit different display modes, allow us to choose different gameplay styles, drastically retune their game engines and graphics to allow much more polygons, make the graphics actually photoreal, make models that are much higher in triangles, remove useless effects and lower the texture resolution, add page flipping, remove useless anti-ailiasing, make the gameplay much better, give us much more options, stop bringing back dead or old game franchises, stop making DLC, in-game purchasing, season passes, day one patches, reduce game budgets drastically to pre 7th gen levels, stop forced installs, mandatory patches, stop locking things in disc for pay, let us again choose between 4:3 and 16:9 screen modes, change the minimum output to 480i, bring back backward compatibility entirely in consoles, and bring back paper instruction manuals entirely that are at least 16 pages long. And also tell the console manufactuers to bring back analog(composite, component) ports to all game consoles. Video game corporations, listen to your gamers and bring out the stuff they want, not the stuff that you want. Trust your gamers. If you don't listen to the gamers, your industry will PERMANENTLY crash forever. If you want to avoid this, do everything I told you in this letter.

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