• Virtual world has fun

    In virtual world we can do anything we want bit in reality we are bounded by rules and regulations and system . Virtual world can give us more fun than the real world.Virtual world is very cool and awesome than the real world.Real world gives stress , stress and stress.

  • We can do dangerous things

    Virtual is better because we can do dangerous things, experiment or any research which may be hazard to life if done in real world. Anyone can make sure this structure or chemical is safe by checking in virtual world, then apply it to real world.That's all in my opinion. Thanks

  • It is better!

    I have played a lot of games through out me life, and I have played the Virtual games and then the real games. Anyway, it always seems that the Virtual world games are better than the real one. It's like that all the time when I play both. Have you noticed that?

  • The virtual world is better than the real one

    How could it not be? There are no job shortages, no pollution, things don't naturally deteriorate over time, it's cleaner. I started playing the sims when the first one came out. I wanted to spend every waking moment there. Things aren't as complicated, you can look any way you want, you just have so many options you don't have in real life.

  • Virtual world cannot be better that real world

    Virtual world can never be as good as real world. Virtual world is merely an escape from reality.
    Playing games online might be fun but the physical strength can can be build only through out door games. Also sitting in front of a screen have a bad impact on eyes.
    Not only that but the face to face interactions are totally different from the web cam interactions, otherwise long distance relationships would have not been a failure in majority of cases.

  • Trees Need Wind; Humans Need Stress

    Virtual worlds are a great way to break from reality, but the only reason they are so good is because we know what we are escaping from. People have evolved to face devastating challenges. Without them we become fragile. Just like trees that grow without wind, people can collapse on themselves if they spend too long detached from reality.

  • The virtual world can never be better than the real one.

    The virtual world can never be better than the real one. For one, virtual sex is will never be as good
    as sex in real life with another human being. Also, all it takes to get rid of the virtual
    world is a power outage. The virtual
    world is only good for entertainment.

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