• Loony liberal news once again

    A job is a freaking job. There's only group that has more money than the rest of the people and that your Hollywood elites, and it's not through honest means. It's through royalties. That's why everything is so damn expensive in New York, because the money goes to royalties. The citizens know this.

    The Wall Street Journal makes it seem that working in investment is somehow more prestigious than working in a factory producing tiles.

    I swear we live in in a loony world these days

    A few years ago, men who worked in the factories and on the farms in many ways had lots of respect on the street. Some of them, especially if you're Italian or Spanish, got the girls. OK. None of this loony liberal Wall Street nonsense existed. I even doubt Wall Street exists as a job. It's just nonsense on another planet.

    PS -- the Twin Towers were destroyed because they were a beloved place of many New Yorkers, not because of economics. If economics would have fueled 9/11 -- the bombers would have bomb the Department of Treasury building in Washington DC.

  • False news outlet

    Wall Street journal had been dissecting news and wording it for their own personal gain. Burning people for news isn't admirable. In fact nearly all news outlets are just legal witch hunts geared to fabricate situations in order to gain clicks. And everyone knows clicks equal cash. Would you be okay with someone peering into your personal life, just waiting for the opportunity to take something you say out of context, then proceeding to burn you while making money for it? I highly doubt it.

  • Just because Adam2 doesnt like something, that doesnt make it stupid.

    If you look at Adam2's entire response there is no coherent argument that is made whatsoever, a staple of any Adam2 opinion post. He goes from Hollywood elitists to factory production to Italian or Spanish guys getting all the girls, which only demonstrates how little he really knows about the subject. The Wall Street Journal is not 'stupid' and just because it publishes articles you may not agree with, that doesn't make it 'stupid' either, stupid <3

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