Is the war on poverty the only war worth fighting?

  • Poverty IS the only war worth fighting

    Poverty is affecting millions. It is a war we must wage. Even though it is of human nature to fight, to conquer each other, we must withhold that desire and attend to the most urgent need - poverty.

    Why is it that there are people who have incomes lower than the level needed for necessities whilst there are people who live in grand houses and drive luxurious cars?

    They should be treated equally and have a right to survive in this world with the necessities required.

    It is true that the previous wars have forced countries to fight, to prevent themselves from being conquered, but would a unified world be so bad?

  • Yes...War against poverty is worth fighting.

    Poverty is the root cause behind almost all chronic problems in today's world be it Human Trafficking or Child Labour or Malnutrition or even increasing crimes in the society. Thus in order to erode all these evils first and foremost we should deal with poverty to create an ideal society.

  • Poverty starts most

    Poverty is the main cause of most wars or actions against another country. If the world didn't fight amongst each other imagine what the world would be like. Countries could make their own ideas and if they don't have the supplies they could always ask the U.S. Or any other country they think fit. If we all worked together, the world could become a great place and poverty could end hence forth leaving no wars needed to fight and a clean, pure, and indignant world.

  • Fewer Impoverished Citizens Means Happier People

    A viable society needs healthy and vibrant workers. Getting rid of poverty in any form is a step forward for societies who need everyone to contribute to the general well-being of the populace. How we treat our impoverished citizens indicates how our society operates as a whole. We cannot forget about our poorest citizens if modern culture is to succeed.

  • No it is not the only war

    Poverty is a tree, meaning that there are many other reasons(roots) which grow the tree, for instance corruption, injustice and many other reasons. If we finish these things then we can stop poverty. There are other wars as the war of power or war of injustice. I would like to conclude with the point that 'weaken the roots and the tree will automatically fall down'~anonymous

  • Freedom over Poverty

    A war on freedom is more important than a war on poverty. Since 1964, U.S. taxpayers have spent over $22 trillion on anti-poverty programs. Even though poverty is critical, our freedom is way more important. At least half of the 22 trillion dollars could have been used towards the wars.

  • No it is not.

    War on poverty is important and should be seen as such and used to help those in need, however other wars do the same thing. Many wars are worth fighting because they give people different things, a war on drugs is to keep the streets clean, a war overseas is for our freedom, and a war on poverty is to increase standard of living for people. They all matter.

  • A war on a vague idea is never worth fighting.

    The "war on poverty" is as futile as the "war on drugs", the "war on terror," the "war on crime," and whatever other vague concepts some politician has declared "war" on. When there are problems in society, they should be stated in clear, concise terminology and then addressed. Declaring a "war" on some vague concept does nothing except empower corrupt politicians to enact sweeping and useless legislation.

  • Multitasking is good

    Poverty is bad, but so are corruption, drugs, the mafia, terrorism and many other things which it is necessary to fight against. We cannot be simplistic and ignore other problems simply because we have a weakness for a certain subject over others. Nations face many threats and many difficulties, focusing on only one to the detriment of others would be fatal.

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