• Yes, indeed it is.

    The War on Terror is a disaster and has been a disaster from the very beginning. It is an war that can never truely be 'won' in the traditional strategies of warfare, it is almost impossible to destroy the ideology of the labled 'terrorists' which is so deeply embedded into their minds. Fighting terroists would be similar to fighting against insects, from time to time they pop up from hiding to strike, you can kill one or catch one but they can never be stopped. The war Bush and Blair set up was just a failure and not to mention it was just one big excuse from their plans.

  • War on Terror is a Disaster

    Yes, as a matter of fact our War on Terror is a disaster. Terrorist groups are not a country's military; they are individuals, often from multiple countries who have banded together and we don't know who they are. The invasion of Iraq on based on bogus information has crippled this country financially, cost thousands of lives and damaged our credibility worldwide. The terrorists didn't have to hit us again. They could just sit back and watch as we bankrupt ourselves.

  • Yes, the War on Terror is an absolute disaster.

    Yes, the War on Terror is a disaster because there was never any clear enemy. Without a clear enemy, a nation can never tell if the war was won or lost. The battles just keep going and going, and lives just keep ending needlessly. The enemy should have been explicitly identified at the very beginning, which would have led to a clear winner and put an end in sight.

  • War on Terror is a Disaster

    Yes, in many ways, the War on Terror is a disaster. As an idea cannot be defeated, the War on Terror is ultimately fought against a foe that cannot be defeated. As such, this "war" will not end until the United States arbitrarily decides that the war is in fact over.

  • No, it isn't.

    The war on terror has been successful and there has been a lot of horrible people taken out of people, and many regimes have been toppled. The problem here is that you can't actually win a war on terror, unless the entire world joins in. There will always be new people to recruit.

  • No, War on Terror is not a disaster.

    No, War on Terror is not a disaster. Like all campaigns run by the government, it has been a bump path with its fair share of mistakes. That being said, no one can dismiss what has been accomplished and that a very few major terrorist attack has not happened since. Had nothing been done, the amount would be much worse. Being proactive is how you prevent terrorism which was one of the major goals for the War on Terror.

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