• Here's my two cents

    R&D to manufacture a treadmill for a retails price of $5,000, sell it to a gym, have people join the gym and pay $50/month to accomplish what? Go for a WALK! Here's an idea....Cut out all the bullshit and just step outside and go for a walk. Don't need technology to exercise.

  • Everything is too advanced

    So I am an IT professional and I really do think the world is just too advanced. For example,Googles Self Driving car people no longer have the need to learn to drive which is bad because learning to drive is very important because it teaches not to give up and keep trying.

  • There is a point where it is too much.

    4K TVs for example produce an 8.3 mega pixel display, the human eye though caps out at around 7 mega pixels, at a small vocal point. Technology is starting to reach levels where it is surpassing our human abilities to process. Even smartphones know so much about you, your name, where you travel to frequently, and even your credit card information. Its honestly crazy to think about.

  • Yes it is

    Us as human are always trying to evolve and this has lead to technology becoming more advanced. No matter what some one invents someone else will try to use it against them. Such as we use planes for travel and the next think we know they are being used as weapons by terrorists. I do love technology but i believe eventually the world will reach a point when technology starts to control us. People have predicted this for years in stories such as terminator and i-robot and although these are just stories it shows that man kind has thought of this problem. Man kinds greatest mistake will be that it cant control the technology its created. How far can we push technology before technology pushes back.

  • Yes it is.

    I believe that the world is becoming to advanced, because now most people do not talk face to face, they text or talk over social media, which is killing our people skills. Another reason is that wars are not fought like WW2, you do not even have to be on the same continent, which causes the death of more innocent people from chemical warfare.

  • It has new technologies

    Most of the time people are using and connecting through technologies and are used by everyone every age even a little baby is using it and its everywhere including doors, windows pens houses etc. it is so advanced that 2 people sitting next to each other are not talking but are texting each other.

  • No certainly not

    Surely it's part and parcel of the human condition to advance in nearly all areas of life our conditions are better compared to past generations.There have always been those who sought to destroy advancement as an evil ....Luddites in the past smashing machinery,even the printing press was seen as an evil by some. And anyway how does one define too advanced ?

  • So many years

    And all we have are rubber bands shaped like animals and phones that feel the need to be thinner every time. It is not too advanced at all yet, for what we are capable of. Give me some flying cars or teleportation and then I will agree that the world is getting too advanced. There has not been an unbelievable discovery in many years to really catch anyone's attention. Of course this has happened before when tv came out, or when they invented the first plane. But now everything is expected. New game consoles are just a little better than the previous generations. There is nothing that really comes out as an incredible advancement, but that is just my opinion

  • It's "too", and no, it's not.

    As a species, Humans have always driven themselves to innovate and better the lives of themselves and the people around them (regardless of profit motives, in an all-too-pitiful number of cases). It is for this reason, I submit, that the "world" can never become too advanced, because we will always view it as "normal," unless we are of a lower-tech generation such as the baby boomers of today.

    However, if technology gets advanced to the point where privacy is no longer a "thing," then I will submit to the presented argument.

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