• It's time for some biological warfare....

    I think that's why these diseases were created in the first place, to wipe out mass amounts of people. Look at China. They need a dominating totalitarian government to handle the amounts of people there. They need to scare their citizens in order for them to behave. And that's where we are headed. I've read that the pharmaceutical industry is creating patients, not treating them. I believe that.

  • Of course it is!

    How could their be any dispute of whether the world is overpopulated when we're barely scraping by on earth's natural resources? I don't believe overpopulation is something that can be stopped since we're already here now, but there's no doubt. With so many people in the world, we're slowly eating away at planet earth, and we can see it everyday. Whether it's global warming or even something economical like the lack of jobs, there's no doubt this planet has way too many people in it.

  • Obviously we are

    I'm 100% sure that the world is overpopulated and on top of that ppl just seem to love making a ton of babies instead of adopting orphaned children. If u want a child adopt one u will not only save the child's life you'll also save the Earth. I live in a city where there's almost no room to breathe due to the ridiculously high population..... If u r really interested in the topic and how overpopulation I suggest u read a short story called THE BILLENIUM.

  • Not at this moment, but soon

    Currently we use up most of the resources how we please, waste, pollute and our plan is to feed and to breed. We will run out of materials first,then some foods than the rest of food and water, whIle at the same time polluting air. Solution: 1 child rule globaly, using renewable energy sources, more farms and breeding animals as well as growing plants more.

  • Idiocracy is real.

    We are saving people that should be consumed by Darwinism. We have become to sensitive. I am disgusted by plastic. It never breaks down and we make it every day. We are destroying our Eden with pure laziness. We are the most destructive creature on this earth. We rule each other beyond happiness. There is a rule for everything you do in life. A code of conduct for every action. Is anywhere left where man is truly free? We are overpopulated.

  • Yes it is

    The world is overpopulated thanks the people not taking respondibilty as an individual, though im in the country, traffic is getting to the point where its bumper to bumber, traffic increased, more traffic jams occuring, it would be nice with 2-3 billion instead of 7 billion, infortunetly our population will continue to get worse, just saying

  • Yes we are

    Imagine every year how many graduates from different umiversities, college school from different countries needs to get a job just to answer what they want and needs and how many undergraduates too who wants to have a job just to full fill their needs too plus every month how many babies from different countries where born, There's so many reasons out there that can be the part of the problem which is considered as our main problem plus the enviromental issue that our current situation we facing right now is also because of over population. Sorry if my english is not too good i just want to share my opinion about this issue i'm believe that overpopulation is the root of all of this not the issue of West Philippine Sea, America's political crisis, Catholic scandal etc. The only solution we have first is to control our selves first. Again sorry for the wrong english, i hope you understand what i want to say about this, thank you!

  • We need space in our world!!!!

    You walk outside there are hundreds of thousands of people. The earth is still barley hanging on because of us we need a better life not no crowded life like who wants to stand or sit shoulder to shoulder with people in the future. I mean if they get sick you get sick then everybody gets sick.

  • Its clear to see that we are

    Just look at the stuggles with world resources
    Oil running out
    Were forever needed more and more food to be produced
    More people means more waste products
    More and more water is consumed
    More and more trees and green land belt is being taken over by new builds which puts a strain on wildlife
    The pressure to create more jobs
    medical supplies being stretched out more and more

  • 1 breeds many in the future

    An ever increasing cycle, there is no way the Earth can support this growth. Animals have as much right to be on this planet and generally do not cause problems unless mankind moves these from their natural habitat, Stating population will decrease over time as rural move to cities ignores the fact we are on the verge of a global depression.

  • Not even close.

    Some countries and locales may be overpopulated, but the world is nowhere near being overpopulated. There is just an enormous amount of uninhabited space on the earth that people can populate and quite probably will in the future. The argument in support of "Yes" was absolutely ridiculous and discusses radical, and incredibly unrelated conspiracy theories. One of the related notes was in regards to China. However, the totalitarian communist government of China did not evolve from the fact that have a large population. Rather, it arose from their border with Russia (the first Communist nation in the world, and for many years one of the most powerful nations) and Mao (who took the Communist fight into China with astounding support from the USSR after World War II). But I digress. Regardless, the facts simply do not support an overpopulated Earth. I read once that if you were to take the entire world population (now at around 7 billion) and put them all inside the state of Texas (268,820 sq. miles according to Google), the population density (about 26,040 people per square mile) that is still nearly three times less than the population density of Manhattan (about 69,771 people per square mile according to Wikipedia).

  • We are not overpopulated, we are overly wasteful

    If you would spread the amount of people over the earth systematically then its clear to see we do not take that much space as all and would live actually pretty far away to the next person close to you. We are just overly wasteful. We produce too much and we all buy it, we believe in commercialism and do not believe in a world without it. We are stuck in habits, principles and systems and we aren't doing anything about it because we feel overpowered by those systems. We are weak, fat, lazy and damn we are ignorant. Do we need our job to stay alive? Do we then need to stuff our roads with traffic jams to go to work? Don't we have time to make our own food? We are fighting against time to sustain our systems, those who waste not only us but also our planet. Its a big fat lazy pity

  • Its not a concern

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  • No we are not

    Did you know if the whole world was as densely as manhattan we could al fit in new zealand .So that says somthing we are not geting over populated soon ok everyperson in the whole world we are not getting overpopulated any time some thank you for reading the end

  • Sex Food Clothing and Housing.

    There is enough food for everyone, enough clothes, enough houses. But sex for reproductive reasons has become rare. Most developed countries( Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.) have a demographic factor below 2. With families having less than 2 children humanity one day will simply extinguish. The whole homeless starving story is just a story of greed and inequality. A lack of redistribution. 1000 men with more than a billion dollars and billion men with less than a thousand dollars. So for those billion men it might seem like there are too many of them. And that is true. Poor people have too many and rich people too few children. But by no means are there more humans than agricultural area to sustain them. How about feeding 1200 starving kids for a day instead of buying an iphone?

  • It only appears that way in the major cities.

    The population is not evenly spread out, but it is condensed into cities with bits of country inhabited by less people. If population density becomes even, the issue of overpopulation will go away. Also, it is our habits that cause issues like world hunger, starvation to happen. There is really not a limit to the number of people who can exist on Earth, just the number of "rich" people (Source: SciShow.)

    If everyone lived in smaller houses, ate less meat, etc., there wouldn't be as many poor/hungry people.

    Did you know that if all people had exactly two feet of personal space, we could all fit in the Isle of Skye, a tiny island in Great Britain? If all people had their fair share of all the liveable Earth, they would have about 89 tennis courts worth of property each. (Guinness World Records 2012)

    Besides, what is wrong with it? Any person who had Biology could tell you that the primary goal of an organism is to have as many offspring as possible and make sure they are the best. Support "over"-population, support the growth of the human race!

  • It is already proved that this is a hoax.

    It looks like the world is overpopulated, especially for people living in big cities. And there are enough big cities around the world for that feeling to be global. Most of the world is under populated right now, and even simply empty, so overpopulation is not a concern.
    There are people trying to profit from the concept, of course, and I think that is where this came from.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Here are the numbers.

    The population density of Hong Kong is 6396 per square mile. If you took the entire population of the Earth and put them on North America, the population density would only be approximately 743 per square Mile, which is much... Much... Much smaller than the population density of Hong Kong.

  • If anything we are underpopulated

    In the United States at least, we have a problem with there being more baby boomers than the subsequent generation can take care of. Overall people are having less kids than they used to so it will cause major problem. We need more people to have kids to sustain ourselves.

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