• X men is confusing

    In my opinion professor Xavier is very bad because he is boring. Heroes and villains are very strange . In the future the fans of x men will stop watching because this movie is bad. The movie is confusing, i guess in the next movie everybody will die and the super powers are very stupid. In the next the x men will have a dog and they are going to live in other planets

  • By far YES!!!

    Don't get me wrong. I love X-Men. They are one of my favorite superhero groups and I adore the movies, but you are correct. They completely mucked up the timeline. It is so inaccurate and inconsistent it kind of gets me annoyed. Take these for example:

    -In the first X-Men movie, the Professor says he was 17 when he met Magneto whereas in X-Men First Class, he was around 30!

    - In X-Men Origins the plot is set around the mid 1970's and Cyclops is a teenager whereas in X-Men Apocalypse which is set in 1983, Cyclops is still in high school around the same age. One would think by then he would have been at least a senior in college by then!

    - also in X-Men Origins, Patrick Stewart plays Professor X and because the movie is set during the mid 1970's, this does not make any sense. In X-Men Days of Future Past which is set in 1973, James McAvoy plays the younger professor!

    It is all just in a muddle. This is why I'm not always a big fan of prequels because they are usually all the time so historically innaccurate it just confuses me!!!

  • Days of Future Past ruined it.

    When it was just X-Men Origins: Wolverine, to X-Men: The Last Stand, the timeline was fine. Everything was understandable, and even X-Men: First Class fit into the timeline well. But when X-Men: Days of Future Past happened, then the timeline was tattered and made little sense. It take too much effort to piece together what happens when. And because moviegoers do not want a mental challenge, I submit this could be the reason the X-Men franchise is slowly beginning to fail at the box office. The X-Men brand's apocalypse (see what I did there) has not arrived yet, but will be here soon. I think it stems from the timeline. What do you think?

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