• Yes, the Xbox One will be successful because it is the next logical purchase for Xbox fans

    Fans of the previous Xbox versions will want to upgrade to Xbox One as their favorite games start to upgrade to the new platform as do their friends who play online multiplayer Xbox games. The following in the gaming world with Xbox is quite large and means that the new Xbox One should be successful.

  • The latest and greatest.

    The XBox one is going to be a success, because XBox has a great history of creating new and innovative products. Other products that XBox has produced have been very successful, and they have a strong team of engineers. The XBox can do so many things and it appeals to a wide variety of interests with many different types of games.

  • The Xbox One done came and failed.

    The Xbox One unit has been out since 2013. And no, it did not quite pick up with the gamers as much as the PlayStation models did. I looked at it and considered buying it, but it was too expensive for the few games that I would have played on it.

  • Nope, and too far behind...

    Simple concept...DO NOT try to cater to everyone in the console market.

    Hard-core gamers 'push' console sales simply by word-of-mouth. Build the dang console for gamers...And gamers want high-end, high quality components for graphics/sounds. Everyone else is simply a lemming. When a lemming (particularly older folks) walks into a store looking to buy a console for their spoiled brat, they'll likely ask which is the 'best' or 'best selling' console. And the 'best' or 'best selling' console is dictated by hard-core gamers.

    Piling on all this unnecessary BS/crap into the X1 in an attempt to capture a larger audience or make it a 'media center'...Does nothing. Don't even use half the crap. The lemmings likely don't even know or care...It doesn't matter what the 'bells and whistles' are...If the hard-core gamers are buying up a particular consoles...That's exactly what the lemmings want. Win the hard-core gamers, then you win the lemmings.

  • Not a breakout hit

    Xbox one gets pretty decent critical reivews, but it's still struggling for a large market share. Part of that may be due to the way Microsoft makes users pay for their network and that Sony gives a bit more free access. The games don't seem to be as in demand as some of the other systems and even with a price cut last year, the system isn't outselling its rivals.

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