• Yes, I believe that the Zika virus is spreading into an epidemic.

    Yes, I believe that the Zika virus is spreading into an epidemic because the virus is spread easily through insects and doctors are yet to discover an effective way to combat the disease. I believe that the Zika virus crisis will get significantly worse due to the upcoming Olympics in Brazil. Many doctors have warned of the disastrous effects of the Olympics taking place and have suggested that the event be postponed until the crisis is controlled.

  • Zika is already an epidemic.

    By definition an epidemic is something that affects a proportionally large amount of people. When you look at maps of North and South America, over half of the land areas on those two continents alone are infected with mosquitoes that could carry the Zika virus. That's an epidemic in the Americas. What else can it be called?

  • Zika virus becoming an epidemic

    To answer this question, we need to understand that an epidemic means that an illness would be seen in much higher quantities than typically seen in an area, or being spread to new regions. The Zika virus fits this criterion perfectly, and if it keeps spreading, it will eventually become a pandemic. Just this past week there was the first seen Zika virus in the USA in New York.

  • Zika is definitely an epidemic

    The Zika virus is spreading across the globe and leaving human tragedy in its wake. Babies are being destroyed in the womb and born with microcephaly. It's one of the scariest epidemics because we now know it can be sexually transmitted from man to can also attack fetuses in the womb at any stage. The CDC needs to sound the alarm just a little louder.

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