• Okay see herr

    Im a trans and pan man myself
    and like,,
    ive seen a lot of hate on hetero people????
    By gay people????
    Because they're hetero???
    It's totally a thing
    yes it may be easier for them really
    but there's so much hate on hetero people
    there is
    just check any social media site

  • Yin and Yang

    Its like left and right, conservative and liberal, light and dark. There are things that don't have opposites because either of nutrality or some other factor but this is something else. Homophobia is the fear of homosexuals so that means heterophobia is the fear of heterosexuals and thats a fact

  • Its been coming up more.

    I've heard things like "you haven't gone through it" or "they have it so easy". To be honest it sounds like they hate people that are comfortable being who they are. I mean i respect the LGBT community, but i don"t like it when i'm labelled and assumed to be bad just because i'm straight and "cis gendered". Is it a bad thing? Well if homophobia is bad in your mind so should heterophobia.

  • Are you joking?

    Bruh, just cuz someone calls you a 'straightie' on the Internet doesn't mean The Gays™ are oppressing you. There is no such thing as heterophobia. It's like the tooth fairy. So literally, do us all a favor and just quit. Get bent,
    an angry super mega lesbian who has had enough

  • Heterosexuals are not all cruel monsters

    Yes, homophobia is a thing. I'm not denying that at all. It's a terrible thing that really needs to completely stop. But humans are humans and even thought we've come a long way, there's always going to be homophobic people who really live in the wrong century. Just like even now, there are still racist people. I have to disagree with you on the fact the the LGBT community is being "hunted". I honestly have no idea where you would get that from as if that did ever happen, it was probably a long time ago. Not as of recent. And about your statement on not what Mother Nature planned. Uhm kinda, yeah. I'm not saying it's a bad thing I'm simply saying that heterosexuals are a major part of the entire animal kingdom because biologically that's how you reproduce and keep a species alive. But because there's 7 billion people on this planet, it's not really necessary to reproduce simply to keep the species alive. It sounds as though here you're saying all heteros are out to get anyone who is not. I assure you, these days, barely anyone is like that. Maybe there are heaps of homophobic people where you are, but in the grand scheme of things, not the whole world. Not anymore. And gay marriage is legal nearly everywhere, and can I just say about the bathroom thing? How many genders are there? I may just be misinformed but I thought whatever you were born as, you either identified as a male or a female, neither or both. I feel like because misting the world identifies as neither male or female it's simple inconvenient and expensive to make extra bathrooms for all other genders, and a unisex bathroom is kinda difficult as well in its own ways.

  • It Is Not Real because Heterophobia would stop at fearing Heterosexuals.

    We people of the LGBT+ aren't angry with heterosexuals for being heterosexual, we're angry because most of them look down upon us, lividly hate us, want to kill us and/or want us off the face of the earth. Heterosexuals also fail to realize they have more priveldge then us and expect more such as Hetersexual Pride which is unnecessary since throught history and 24/7 heterosexuals take up most of the earth, are more out there and seen as a norm and not some abomination that should be destroyed, don't have to 'come out' to anyone that their heterosexual, usually assume everyone else is heterosexual, most of the media is populated by heterosexuals. Heterosexuals(not all heterosexuals) literally hate us because they believe liking the same gender or being transgender is sinful and should be punished, or they believe liking the same gender or being transgender are not what mother nature had in mind and therefore we are seen as abnormal people, menaces to society, or abominations. In a sense Heterophobia could be real but that'd be only in times of fear for our lives as we are literally targeted, hunted down and harmed and killed intentionally. Homophobia goes beyond just hating and/or disagreeing with SGA, we are denied a lot of things and get a lot of thing taken from us, such as public bathrooms for our gender, weddings and wedding cakes, jobs , etc. We are killed and harmed because we don't follow 'God's' way or we aren't 'normal' or what nature 'created'. Most of us LGBT+ are in the closet because we fear for our safety from mainly heterosexuals and cis gendered people. I'm sorry if you receive hate or are feared for being heterosexual but your own people are the ones who made it this way. Heterophobia is not real, heterosexuals are literally the face of the earth and the most privileged.

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