Is there a black supremacy movement in the contemporary United States?

  • Hate groups need to be called out for what they are.

    When your shouting in the streets that cops should be killed. When your attacking white people for wearing braids (as you wear a weave to have hair of a caucasian 🤔). When your yanking elderly white people from their cars and beating them for a political bumper sticker. When your setting buildings on fire and putting innocent people's lives at risk?????

    It's NOT peaceful!!!!!! It's not even humane. And it's hardly different from a radical organization ive ever seen. It's in fact, quite the same.

    I'm watching white liberals scream whites are racist? It's such ignorance I don't know where to begin but I guess I will start with - how racist could we possibly be if we make up the majority and we voted a black man as president TWICE? Every time I pose that to a left wing liberal nut job all I hear in return is crickets chirping.

    Then let's address that whites that clearly aren't racist since they're rallying for the black communities should probably realize that they are calling THEMSELVES racist? A blanket statement that is so disrespectful to the millions of white people that aren't racist.

    I'm scared in this day and age where equal rights isn't enough. What MORE can be done? We abolished segregation and slavery, we created Affirmative Action, NAACP, United Negro College Fund... I mean what else are we to do?

    People need to wake up. I'm sorry but this country became MORE racially divided under Obama's watch then it had been my entire life prior to him. This man never once called out black lives matter for the hateful shooting of 12 police officers at a BLM rally! Not ONCE!!! He should be ashamed of himself. Yet Trump makes an equal statement of the Virginia incident, calling out the violence but not the hate group....And suddenly it's shameful? If it is then Obama should be even MORE ashamed for not backing his police force!

    To state all cops or whites are racist and should be dead is hypocritical when your claim is cops assume all blacks are criminals. 🤔 Isn't that stereotyping? Isn't that hate?

    I watched cops throwing their own bodies in front of black people in Dallas to save them from hundreds of rounds of gunfire. Somehow their lives obviously mattered.....And our president NEVER addressed that as a way to bring a sense of reasoning to the madness.

    I personally feel that every citizen that shouts f a cop or drop a cop, should automatically forfeit their right to ever be ASSISTED by one! It's the SAME cops you ignorant people.

  • Black Supremacists Online

    The page "The Ankh Life" on Instagram promotes the idea that black people are the only truly human group, and that other groups, especially whites, are part Neanderthal, and carry recessive genes that make them weaker. They regularly post ugly pictures of Neanderthals to represent white people, and claim that white people (who they call "caves") love fecal matter, have tails, and fear bathing. This page alone, which is based in the U.S., currently has 176,000 followers. You can find it if you search Instagram under the name I gave.

  • New black panthers

    Walked down the street, in Austin Texas out side the south by south west event yelling "kill cops". They had loaded automatic weapons. They also made a bounty for George Zimmerman. There are all types of racist groups. There are hits racist groups and black Racist groups. All types of racism exist today.

  • Black Supremacy Movement

    I personally think that the black supremacy movement was in the contemporary part of the United States and has had an affect on the society as well as the economy. I personally think that the black supremacy movement has made a way for the United States to have a contemporary part.

  • But comparably small

    There is a black supremacy movement in the US, even though its not a huge movement. Today most people try and advocate for multiculturalism, but every group has an X supremacy movement within their ranks - groups always contain radicals, and members of the black community are no different than the rest of the US.

  • Yes just not as prominent

    I think there is definitely still a balck supremecy movement going on in the US today. Just like there is still a white supremecy movement. I think both movements have gotten smaller over the years as more equality has occurred but they do still exist and will continue to exist.

  • The Black Panthers.

    Yes, there is a black supremacy movement in the contemporary United States, because there are a small group of people who think that they can discriminate against people who are not black, and use threat and force or intimidation to control them. The Black Panthers who intimidate outside of polling stations are a good example of this.

  • Supremecy requires power.

    There's no real black supremacy movement in the United States, because black people are not considered as social equals in this racist version of America that still exists. In order for a supremacy movement to gain traction, the members of that movement would have to have actual power. Whites aren't about to let that happen, now, are they?

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