• Choices can be changed.

    Many celebrities were heterosexual (sometimes even married) before they decided that they were actually gay. Logically, gays can decide to be straight just as the celebrities decided to be gay. We should encourage gays to get therapy. It is no secret that, when society make something seem normal, it occurs more frequently. For example, after those anti-bullying videos featuring the stories kids who were bullied and then killed themselves, suicides rose amongst kids who viewed that as a normal reaction. The biggest cure would be societal pressure to get help.

  • I believe that...

    Being gay is a choice. A normal guy wants to have sex with a woman, right, that dosn't mean he can go having sex with every woman he sees, he just uses self control. In the same way a gay guy can just control the want to be with another man and become more normal. Im only 14 and I know this stuff. Come on guys.

  • It is a behaviour not a disease, therefore it can be changed.

    This 'lifestyle' does fit rather well into the individualistic / capitalist movement of our times which accept (read - doesn't question) what is happening. Homosexuality could become 'normal' but not natural. Many people are in this situation because of pathological reasons, family dynamic reasons etc. It is a disorder not an disease. Sorry, but I sincerely believe this. Why has there not been any deeper debate on this question? We are just told that we can't say it is an illness etc. I have a degree in psychology as well as further studies in the area and have dealt with people sharing their views on their sexuality - it's difficult but really there many reasons why someone might 'choose' this 'lifestyle that at NOT healthy or GOOD for them - on purpose, even self hatred. It's complex not easy.

  • Yes, In All Reality, It Is.

    It's a choice to act on those tendencies. And there are methods that can help change those tendencies. Ever heard of gay camps? They actually do indeed make progress. There are many gay men and women who have said they've changed, become straight. Using those methods and God as a cure.

    If you're a very outgoing and outspoken person, often loud and blunt, and you purposefully think you're the opposite, purposefully act the opposite, and purposefully say you're the opposite, you're actually controlling your mind, and eventually you will indeed become the opposite. The same applies to homosexuality. It's not purely nature, much of it is indeed nurture.

  • I personally believe that homosexuality is a choice.

    Any choice has a "cure," it may not be a medical cure or something of that nature, but it can be stopped if chosen. Its no different than taking drugs, you chose to do it, you can choose to stop it. Its not a disease, its an illogical lifestyle choice.

  • I believe that

    I believe that being gay is a choice ungay guys want to have sex but they don't go sleeping around with every woman they see. (most guys.) In the same way gay guys just need to implement some self-control and get over the want to be with another man, and change gears to be come a normal man. I'm only 14 and I know this stuff. Come on guys!

  • I believe that a true belief in God is the only cure for homosexuality.

    I believe that a true belief in God is the only cure for
    homosexuality. Many people say that
    people can be born gay. I don’t believe
    that. I think that almost everything
    that human beings do is a learned behavior.
    There are communities on earth where being gay is unheard of.

  • I wasn't born gay, I was influenced by the gay agenda.

    Gay is a choice, at least a choice that is made at the subconcious level. For the first 21 years of my life I was a happy, healthy heterosexual male. Then I started seeing and hearing gay propoganda all over the television and radio. I started to become extremely fearful that I was going to turn gay. I became obsessively homophobic and was diagnosed as having obsessive compulsive disorder.. After 2 years of living with this homophobic fear day in and day out, I had a nervous breakdown and my mind turned gay. I'm attracted to men now and I'm the most miserable I have ever been in my entire life. If I could somehow just wake up straight again like I used to be I would do it in a heartbeat. Don't let anyone tell you your sexuality can't change because it can, the difficult part is changing it back.

  • Yes I think there should be a cute to many relationships are torn apart

    My fiancé and I have been together for 4 years and she broke up with me cause she can't control her lesbian desires anymore.. She was able to date me for 4 years and what's changed is she now believe it's ok for her to throw away our whole relationship after she got a new job where many of her coworkers are gay and now can't control herself.. Bs there needs to be a cure so I can have my life partner back and be married.. It's not fair to me that she can just go off and leave me with nothing. She cries and tells me she wishes she wasn't like this because she wants to be with me forever.

  • Duh. You can't cure yourself from your sexual desire, but you can ostracize it from your mind, and therefore, you're no longer gay.

    We have a vast repertoire of sexual preferences (Pedofilia, heterosexualism, homosexualism etc). It is in our power to choose if we will give in and behave as our urges says. We choose our behavior.
    It is rather glorious for someone to give up its sexual orientation, its sexual preference, its compulsive desire to follow its moral code. It's what most of the pedophiles do. It's what proper Christians do. Bravo!

  • I don't need a cure.

    My sexual preferences do not affect you in any way, but your attempts to change my orientation affect me more than you realize. Your attempts to change a fundamental part of who I am because of your personal belief system not only violates my freedom, but it denies me one of my most basic human rights: the pursuit of happiness.

  • We're all a little gay inside

    Whether we want to admit it or not..I think every person has feelings of attraction toward the same sex and we'd be lying to ourselves if we didn't. I truly believe that a person who identifies as Lesbian or Gay would have a sexual relationship with a person of the opposite sex...Its all about ATTRACTION and chemistry. Hell I'm a straight woman and I find myself attracted to other women just because they are "hot" or "sexy," and just because I dont act on it doesnt mean I'm not a little gay on the inside. Hell, I embrace it!


    1. What do You think caused your heterosexuality?
    2. When and how did you decide you were a heterosexual?
    3. Is it possible that your heterosexuality is just a phase that you may grow out of?
    4. Is it possible that your heterosexuality stems from a neurotic fear of others of the same sex?
    5. Do your parents know you are straight? Do your friends?
    6. Why do you insist on flaunting your heterosexuality? Can't you just be who you are and keep it quiet? And/or do Your roommates know?
    7. Why do heterosexuals put so much emphasis on sex?
    8. Why do heterosexuals feel compelled to introduce others to their lifestyle?
    9. A disproportionate majority of child molesters are heterosexual. Do you consider it wise to expose children to heterosexual teachers?
    10. Just what do men and women do in bed together?
    11. Bearing in mind the current divorce rate, why are there so few stable relationships between heterosexuals?
    12. Considering the menace of overpopulation, how could the human race survive if everyone were heterosexual?
    13. There seem to be very few happy heterosexuals. Techniques have been developed that might enable you to change if you really want to. Have you considered aversion therapy?
    14. Would you want your child to be heterosexual, knowing the problems they would face?
    15. Your mother will still love you even though you're heterosexual.

  • Now, why would you want a silly thing like that?

    Perhaps I'm biased, as I am a gay man, but I don't see why anybody would even want a cure in the first place. I'm quite content with my sexuality, and I'm certainly having a fun time with it. As for the right wing/conservative/religious, think of it this way: If you cured every gay person, you'd have so much less to complain about. We make everybody's lives more interesting, I think...

  • No, Homosexuality is not a disease

    Homosexuality is not a disease or even choice. In the past, it was classified as a mental disorder and has since been debunked. The social stigma of being homosexual needs to end. The idea that we are still asking questions like this is an indicator that this stigma exist. Homosexuality does not need to be fixed or cured. It is a natural state.

  • No

    Homosexuality is completely natural and is not something that can be cured. Just like how heterosexuality cannot be cured. Homosexuality occurs in wild animals as well as in people and should not be condemned as it is neither a choice nor a disease. It would be harmless even if one did have the power to choose their sexual orientation.

  • For the bazillionth time, HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT A SIN!

    Therefore, we can't talk about a cure. It is not a choice either. It's a lifestyle that's only different from yours when it comes to love. And seriously, who are we to care about what gender people love, or have sex with?

    It's just so silly, mind your own business already!

  • It's not a disease.

    Homosexuality is a lifestyle, not some kind of disease that can be cured. There's obviously something wrong if you if you think there's a cure for it. If you have a problem with it, fine, but don't be so judgmental and act like it's an illness. There is NOTHING you can do about homosexuality.

  • LOL what, really?

    LOL Being homosexual is not a disease. I believe it is a genetic mutation, anyway. But still, even id hypothetically it was a disease, does it need a cure? There is nothing wrong with it and people should learn to accept it. It's not like it is killing someone or something.

  • Whether or not you believe in God is irrelevant

    The argument that the bible says its wrong is getting old. The bible also says that wearing mixed cloth is wrong, but Im sure you all do that as well. It all boils down to having compassion for others. There is no "cause" to homosexuality so there is no "cure". It's not a choice. If it's a choice, when did you choose to be straight? If I straight person can't decide to be gay, a gay person sure as hell can't decide to be straight. There is no cure, because a "cure" is something to treat a disease. Homosexuality is no more of a disease than heterosexuality. This is coming from a heterosexual person. Bullying gay people and convincing them that their life is wrong is not your ticket into heaven. Compassion for everyone is.

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