• Science is reality, religion is not

    What sort of mind would determine that gay people made a decision to become homosexual? Well the facts have determined that people do NOT choose to live the difficult lifestyle of a homosexual. And if you DO believe in god then you must believe that god created homosexuality. Please start to live in reality and accept homosexuals as people.

  • Proof Points to Genetics

    Scientists have proven that homosexuality is, in fact, common in animals. For example, about 10 percent of rams (both wild and domesticated) are gay. They have also found that lesbianism is common among monkeys. The reality is, animals act mainly off of instinct. Genetics is a part of that. If 10 percent of a species is gay, there has to be a genetic.
    Also, on the "no" side, he/she said the gene would die out. However, there is also the matter of dominant and recessive traits. The dominant trait "covers" the recessive trait if an organism has one. In other words, if you have the dominant trait in you anywhere, you would have that trait. However, since the recessive trait doesn't show, you could have someone with a dominant and recessive trait, but would only appear to have the dominant one.
    Take, for example, Gregor Mendel's pea plant experiment. He bred peas with a white flower with peas with a purple flower. Since purple was dominant, all of the offspring was purple. Then, for the next generation, he let the peas self-pollinate. As a result, one-fourth of the offspring was white. This shows that even though the second generation was purple, they still had the recessive trait of a white plant in them. In the same way, gay children can come from two straight parents as long as they have the recessive gene of homosexuality in them.
    So how did the gay trait even get into the system? You have to remember the matter of co-dominance. Occasionally, for whatever reason, both traits appear in the offspring. Say you bred a white rose with a red rose. Sometimes, instead of getting the dominant red rose, you recieve the pink rose; a mix of the two. In the same way, there is such a thing as bisexuality. Bisexual people prefer both sexes. So, it is entirely possible that a bisexual person passes on the homosexual trait into human genetics.

  • I believe so

    The one question I'd have is why it doesn't die out if homosexuals don't reproduce, but I digress. This debate leans back and forth every few years but I think we're currently at a time that most believe there is one. I'm not sure it's definitive yet, "gay science" is such a disaster with programs trying to "reprogram" homosexuals and so on, I'm not sure what's fact anymore with garbage like that being thrown around.

  • Very much so.

    I'm a gay man, my first memory of being gay was at the age of 5. My first experience of feeling an intense feeling of love towards a male was at the age of 6. All cultures when we delve deeply into our roots have had a place for gay men and women. Some referred to as Shamans, some referred to as Two-Spirited such as in the Native American traditions, some referred to as the ones that guard the earth, or the tribe for the next children to come(Being unable to Procreate). Being told it to be a "Sin" myself, that made me an alien human being that deserved death since in place of a straight mans dreaming of women there was always a man(although I understand now in a book from the Old Testament when stoning women who were not virgins, not eating anything with a cloven hoof, and not eating shellfish were also mentioned.(You know the one Jesus said no longer suited the Jewish people), alongside another that has been exceedingly rewritten to fit the goals of rich males, such as when King James chose to "translate it for the dumb") I tried to sleep with women. I was incapable of ever getting my willy up for them no matter how much we tried (Poor girls, I suppose there went some of their Self-Esteem if they didn't understand). I knew from the time I could think, was told it to be wrong from the time I could talk, and so it took me 19 years, drug addiction, homelessness by the age of 14, all in the name of an escape, until I finally "came out". After coming out I am healthy, creating music, teaching music to children, living off the grid, growing my own food while also being part of a group sustaining a forest, and ultimately living for the good of the future. I believe this to be a great step in which I am truly working towards God, Infinite, the Universes plan. Continued, To be blind to the much deeper and powerful workings that is our universe and what it needs is to be blind indefinitely. Homosexuality is a recessive gene that exists in every human being on this planet, and has become more common due to so many homosexuals fighting their own genetic make up. I've spoken to gay men and women who have had children, my mother, and grandmother being two of them, and when they speak on the subject they clearly were using their own imaginations during the act if you get what I mean. My grandmother is a lesbian, my mother a lesbian both of them had sex only to pro-create. I did not know either of them until a year ago at 20. Now, I am gay, While my older sister is straight. It seems pretty obvious to me.

  • Homosexuality/Bisexuality is a genetic mutation (not disorder)

    I feel that there is more of a genetic mutation or possibly switching of the hormones that would normally be in a man is in a woman, so it is a technical yes. Mutations don't always have to be evolutions for it to exist. Also, it could be an evolutionary possibly to stunt the growing population of mankind to prevent overpopulation, hence why the mutation is only in a few and not in everyone. Also, the mutation is probably recessive since parents of homosexual/bisexual people are not attracted to other genders. One thing for certain is that it is not a sin to be homosexual. Don't get me wrong, I'm a man of God, but I don't believe you should be condemned for something that you have not control over. Also, yes I am aware of Leviticus 18:22 but everything can be interpreted differently. Also, I might be wrong a bit.

  • Social Conditions Do Not Cause Homosexuality, Because It Appears in Every Society

    There probably is a gene or set of genes for homosexuality. Many homosexuals
    report that they became aware of their sexual orientation in early childhood,
    before circumstances could have influenced them. Also, the percentage of
    people who identify as homosexual seems to remain constant in the
    populations of different societies. If social conditions caused homosexuality,
    it would be more common in permissive societies, but it is not. Repressive
    societies only repress the expression of homosexuality. If social experiences
    do not influence the appearance of homosexuality, then it must be inborn, and
    if it is inborn, it is probably genetic.

  • Homosexuality Makes No Evolutionary Sense

    While I do want homosexuals to be recognized and gay rights to be passed (the sooner the better), I don't believe homosexuality comes from genes.

    Homosexuality is evolutionarily detrimental. Imagine you are a male who wants to pass on your genes. Obviously another male cannot give you a child. Therefore, if you want to pass on your genes you'd go for females. I am pretty sure that any species wired for homosexuality genetically would have died millions of years ago simply from not reproducing.

  • No

    Homosexuality is a choice. However, homosexuality is detrimental from an evolutionary perspective regardless of the existence of a gene or not and therefore theoretically would not existence today due to natural selection (assuming there is an existing gene). Those who displayed this "gene" would not reproduce and therefore would not pass the trait on. In addition, the existence of a gene for homosexuality can be disproved without evolutionary theory; acting on homosexual impulses results in anatomically disordered actions, i.e. attempting to unite incompatible organs. How could DNA could for such an unhealthy orientation (unless homosexuality is to be considered a disorder)?

  • No Way

    There is not a homosexual gene. Saying there is one is just an excuse for homosexuals to say it is okay to be that way. God would not create a homosexual gene and the theory of evolution would not support one either. The gene would eventually die out because homosexuals cannot reproduce.

  • Absolutely not.

    They chose to come out. They chose to identify as gay. They are choosing the lifestyle. Gays have told me they tried to be straight, so if they can choose to try and be straight, they chose being gay. People can always say no, but give an inch, they took the grand mile. Of course as soon as some straight guy says "Oh, it could be genetic" they all used the excuse. They have no other argument anyways.

  • I doubt it

    It's more likely there are genes that increase the chance of a person becoming a homosexual just like there are even genes that increase the chance of a person being an atheist or being religious, or being liberal or conservative. That doesn't negate choice, that just says something about how physical factors have impacts on how we engage in and perceive our environment. But ultimately it's up to you, but at the same time for someone to comb through every one of their preferences and all their habits and everything about them and change all of it would take a prohibitively high amount of time and energy. So it's not necessarily worth a homosexual's time to change when there's nothing wrong it in the first place.

  • Not a single gene, no.

    Is there a gene that causes homosexuality? No. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that would suggest that homosexuality is caused solely by a single gene. However, homosexuality very well might indeed be contributed to by the person's genes. Science has all but confirmed that homosexuality is not simply a person's choice.

  • Not concluded

    A "gay gene", as far as we know, is not there. Homosexuality is simply a deviation of "heterosexuality". But "sexuality" is only something human beings have claimed. Traditionally males prefer a feminine person, while females prefer a masculine subject. Humans are not simply attracted to genitals. We are attracted to many different parts of a person, from the face, body structure, smell, and sound. Sexuality assumes you are attracted to someone based on the fact of their sex, but men can look like attractive women, and women can look like attractive men. So if peoples sexuality can be fooled by these types of people, whats to say our brains can't fool our sexuality as well? Homosexuality could be in part a result of genetics (like instances of androgynous people), but it can also be completely neurological.

  • The very notion that there could be a gay gene is a joke in itself

    There cannot be a gene for homosexuality, because homosexuals cannot reproduce. I think the scientific community did this as a joke to see how stupid people are. Even if something so ridiculous could exist, the gene would die out extremely quickly. If you're still not convinced, try doing the math.

  • The very notion that there could be a gay gene is a joke in itself

    There cannot be a gene for homosexuality, because homosexuals cannot reproduce. I think the scientific community did this as a joke to see how stupid people are. Even if something so ridiculous could exist, the gene would die out extremely quickly. If you're still not convinced, try doing the math.

  • The very notion that there could be a gay gene is a joke in itself

    There cannot be a gene for homosexuality, because homosexuals cannot reproduce. I think the scientific community did this as a joke to see how stupid people are. Even if something so ridiculous could exist, the gene would die out extremely quickly. If you're still not convinced, try doing the math.

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