• Any bad health condition, in which your entire body is affected, can potentially contribute to Alzheimer's.

    Diabetes affects your entire body. Therefore, it could be linked to Alzheimer's. If you are suffering from this illness, it can have lasting affects on any part of your body. It is important, if you have Diabetes, to make sure to manage it to the best of your ability, or you are risking having all sorts of adverse affects on your body and mind.

  • There is a link between the two diseases.

    The same protein, insulin, is involved in both Alzheimer's and diabetes and it has been shown that almost 70% of people who have type 2 diabetes will eventually suffer from alzheimer's as well. Both diseases are connected by insulin and the body's irregular production of it. There is definitely a link between the two.

  • Yes, Diabetes can lead to dementia.

    t is well known that insulin resistance is a characteristic feature of type 2 diabetes. The surprising fact is that insulin resistance is also evident in the brain tissues of Alzheimer’s disease patients.
    Insulin is essential for the uptake of glucose by the cells of various tissues of the body and the brain tissues are no exception. Insulin receptors are abundant in the brain. Actually, they are found to be specifically expressed in the regions of the brain that are concerned with cognitive functions.
    Studies have identified a reduced expression of certain genes during the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. They are none other but the genes that are responsible for the production of the hormones insulin and insulin-like growth factor and the genes that encode for the receptors of these hormones in the brain. These findings made the researchers suggest that Alzheimer’s disease is a form of diabetes mellitus that selectively affects the brain.

  • There could possibly be a link between Alzheimer's and Diabetes

    Any time the human body is affected by a disease or condition, I think it stands to reason that there could be a correlation between two (or more) diseases. Further research is obviously needed in the link between Alzheimer's and diabetes, but ruling out any link wouldn't be prudent or proper.

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