• Muslim, Christian, Hindu, all the above.

    All religions need to reform themselves into something better equipped to cope with a modern society and a forward thinking population, Islam and Muslims just happen to be the ones stirring the shit pot at this time, all religions are capable of being s.O.B. To those who do not buy into that particular flavour of delusion. Send them all to Venus and be done with it.

  • The Muslim Reform Movement can change misconceptions about Islam

    Many people associate all Muslims with the radical political Islam that espouses violence, oppression and death to anyone who they consider infidels. This is not an accurate view of the vast majority of Muslims. The Muslim Reform Movement denounces violent jihad, rejects Islamic statism and opposes the ideology of violent extremist.

  • Yes, in light of the many attacks around the world, there is a need for some kind of reform.

    Yes, there is a need for reform. Too many Muslim individuals are attacking innocent civilians. This points to some type of reform needed within the religion. It should come from the religious leaders of Islam, though. They know their religion best and can thus come up with real, lasting solutions that benefit everyone.

  • Muslim reform movement would be prejudiced.

    Indeed, any movement or legal action against a specific religious or ethnic group would be an explicitly prejudiced. Furthermore, any movement would almost certainly be based on the idea that Muslims are often radicalized and attack Western countries. This belief is untrue; only a minute fraction of Muslims are in fact terrorist or radicalized.

  • No, there is not.

    People need to stop picking on Muslims and leave them alone. They do not deserve all of the harassment they have been getting in the last 15 years. They are no more radical or capable of terrorism than any other group of people. They also have not been responsible for more acts of terror.

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