Is there a need to censor social media in our society?

Asked by: rc4481
  • Children can automatically abstain from crime

    Censorship is a good thing in the sense that it guides us in the right path. If children are kept away from indecent videos, inappropriate films, useless pictures, then they would not be influence by it. As everyone know that children imitate whatever they see, by not seeing these kind of things, they would not do like it.

  • It should be censored

    In today's internet world there are so many things which should be censored because now a days people are delivering the content which is bad for teenagers because as the social media is being popular,more than 40% users are teenagers and by the bad content on social media youth gets wrong information and affect badly by this and use this information on wrong way..So the social media content should be censored.

  • Social media should be censored

    The use of social media in the recent past as a propaganda to induce communal disharmony have given birth to a new debate in the country. The debate initiated when the government blocked more than 300 items on the Internet, including twitter handles, facebook pages, youtube videos, pages of certain websites, and in some cases entire websites.
    These items were blocked as they were assured to contain the hate speech that posed a threat to communal harmony in the country...

  • Dont Like it, Dont watch it

    This person could easily say, or do, whatever s/he said in public, so why is it soundly a crime if its put on the internet. Some people really do feel that way and they should be allowed to put up on the internet, because they could easily say it out loud, and you can't censor what people say. And if it bothers you so much, don't watch it, go on the page, view it, or even look at it.

  • You are a person not a object.

    I for one reside in the United states of america, and know that freedom of speech is a greatly given amendment to me. Therefor, i believe censoring in the premises of rules is completely distasteful. However, even in any other country, many social networking sites have pages that offer help and news about the world they live in. When it comes down to what will be censored and why, thats unknown. I ask this question to those who say yes to this opinion, are you really giving up your freedom to write or say whatever you need to say?

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