• Yes, I definitely think that there is a reality independent of the mind.

    The concept of "the mind" is a human thing, specific to us two-legged, big-brained (or so we think) creatures. However, there is plenty of universe out there that does not need our help in order to exist and be fully real. The Bible says that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. He created man last. Now, I am not arguing that man is not important; I'm simply arguing that man is neither everything nor the only thing.

  • Yes, I Believe Reality is Independent of the Mind.

    As earlier stated, reality is simply a perception of an individuals mind and they can make "reality" whatever they believe it to be. Since there are so many different ways to view what reality is, it only makes sense that everyone is wrong because there can only be one true reality.

  • Yes there is

    Reality is only something that is in the construct of how we look at things. It is merely a framework in which we think that we exist and in which we work together with one another. It is in the eye of the beholder, so who am I to say otherwise.

  • Yes, for some people.

    It seems that reality is whatever people want it to be in their own minds. The fact that people see the world in many different ways and from so many different angles is reason to believe that many people do not see reality for what it really is. Obviously, there is a reality independent of the mind.

  • Problem of other minds

    I cannot be sure, ever, that there is something independent of my reality because it is impossible for me to be aware of it, because if it was, it wouldn't be independent of my mind anymore.
    I can only experience the reality I am aware of.
    The problem of other minds -- "given that I can only observe the behavior of others, how can I know that others have minds". I cannot be aware of anything else than my own awareness, therefore rising question if other minds/consciousnesses actually exist or are they just part of my reality which is ... Everything I have managed to conceptualize (including "others like me").

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