• No more jails more schools

    The system locks up more kid then keeping the in school. There are more brown and black youth in the pipeline each day. We need to stand up and stop them from send out youth in to the system of prison instead let send them to school where they can become make something out them selfs

  • School is a pipeline to prison.

    I believe that school is definitely a pipeline for
    prison. Think about it. Every day in school is programming you to
    live like an inmate. The cafeterias in
    schools look just like the cafeterias in prisons. The trays in the cafeteria look like the
    trays in the cafeteria in prison. Dorm
    rooms even look like prison cells.

  • Many urban cultures create a school to prison pipeline

    In over crowded and under funded school districts in urban settings it is pretty clear that there is a direct correlation between leaving school and entering prison. Many of these downtrodden urban areas have students that go straight from the classroom to the streets, where they get in trouble and end up in prison.

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