• Yes!

    Since the days of Jesus and Paul, Christians have been killed and persecuted. In the last hundred years alone, over 20,000,000 Christians were killed and countless imprisoned, tortured, and mutilated. That's more deaths than WWI. Christians were killed today for their faith. When millions are being killed, that's one of two things: Genocide or War. In this situation, it's both.

  • There is a constant war between all ideologies and faiths

    There is a war on Christianity, but not Christianity alone. All ideologies and faiths are in a constant struggle for influence and dominance. In this sense there is a war on Christianity from secularists, just as there is a war against secularism by Christians. There are also wars on, by, and in between Judaism, Islam, and every other faith.

  • Yes, especially with the "GAY LOVE IS REAL" movement.

    Yes. Christianity is being attacked by the Internet because we don't support gay "love".

    And before you say anything, getting rid of religion will NOT solve the worlds problems. There will actually be MORE wars because the basic moral code will be lost. But Christians are being attacked and persecuted because people say we are "close minded and brainwashed" when in reality, we aren't. We stand up against evil and fight for who we are with logical and valid facts and info.

    However, it's sad that people don't listen to our facts and instead try to turn our own words against us.

  • Yes. Listen to what the Christian Haters say on this blog !

    For many years I believed in the secular humanists' scientism and evolutionary dogma.

    That changed after I obtained my BSEEs in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, and after studying the Bible under a wonderful scholar.

    Friends, we all worship the God or a god! You either worship the God of the Tora, or the Bible, or the Quran, etc., or you worship yourself as a god. There are no atheists. Many folks believe that human reasoning or science has made "religion" obsolete. This thinking is merely the religion "of becoming." Or evolutionary faith where we ourselves become the pinnacles of life and reason "of becoming gods"

    Christianity is not a religion. It is a way of life.

    Christ instructed us to hate the sin but love the sinner. Just because I will not condone certain lifestyles or belief systems, does not make me a "hater" like much of the discourse coming from the the No side.

  • There is a General Move Against all Religion in the World Today

    Christians are being persecuted across the world and even in the United States. The major persecutions are based primarily in the Middle East where Christians are being murdered for their beliefs. The genocide against Middle Eastern Christians does fit the definition of a war, though perhaps a very one sided war. It is hard to argue that the state of anti-Christian sentiment in the US has reached the level of a war on Christians, but the increase in visible persecution of Christians in the US is quite troubling. Christians are now told not to display their faith in public as it might offend someone else, while at the same time Christians are demonized at any suggestion that others ought not display their faiths in public. Simply put, the Constitution of the US guarantees everyone the right to make displays of any faith as they wish. I do not, however, see this war on Christians as being singularly against Christians, but it is part of a much larger war against religion. This war is being perpetrated by both sides of the political spectrum. We have liberals who would like nothing better than to see Christianity outlawed while at the same time we have conservatives who would like to see all religions banned except for Christianity. The end result of this is that we have a broad war against all religions. The blatantly bigoted and hateful attitudes of both sides really ought to stop. As a society we should have evolved past the point where we are so heavily ruled by our emotions.

  • Yes there is

    One only has to look at Christian business owners who have been fined for their religious beliefs to see that it is true. Or, you could look to the military and see that chaplains are being told they can't voice their beliefs or counsel with military personnel about what the Bible says is right. Or you could look at how many religious symbols are being removed from public view, these taken to court if necessary. Or you could look to the way the government has changed the use of the term, "Freedom of Religion" which is in the Constitution to the term, "Freedom of Worship". You could even look to the media bias, yes it's there,

  • Of course it is

    Just read the opposition. Apparently it is okay to attack not only our character but also our intellectual capacity. Do this in society and you're lauded for your brave stance against the "Christian Hate". There is a great hypocrisy coming from the opposition that grows from a deep and profound misunderstanding of Christianity.

  • Christianity Went Too Far

    Yes, people should allow Christianity to be practiced, but in lesser, more low profile ways than they are currently.
    Christianity has been the cause of many incidents and disturbances (consider the Catholic priest sex crimes), and is shrouded in mystery (consider The Vatican's secret archives) everywhere.
    There are specifics of Christianity that shouldn't be practiced, such as Evangelism, as many find this to be offensive and breaching of peace (both of which Christianity is against). Another example on another end of the scale would be displays of religious affection, such as bowing, chanting, speaking in tongues, and related things. These are viewed by many, including other Christians as bizarre and macabre, as this kind of behavior is almost cult-like and maniacal.

    And in saying this, it's all to easy to say Christianity is too oppressed until you think about it on a bigger scale: Christianity dominates an overly large part of the world, with well over half the population practicing. Things like The Crusades was their way of waging war on religions, except they did so on smaller religions, such as Paganism.

    For Christianity to call itself oppressed after having it's current position in the world's cultural influence is a disgrace. If there's a war on Christianity, it's within good reason.

  • Yes There Is

    Many thousands of years ago Judaism began. During the time of Christ, a war was waged on that religion that led to Christianity superseding it. For many, Islam, or Allah was suppose to usher in the last disciples of the Bible. Like people had switched faith and followed Jesus, they should now follow Muhammad‎. Islam is a war on Christianity, just like Christianity is a war on Judaism.

  • No, Christians Just Aren't Happy With Other People Getting Equality

    To even contemplate the foolish and pointless idea that Christianity is under attack is to ignore the evidence that simply states that Christians are the only ones who attempt to control and restrict the rights of others, but nobody is trying to take away a Christians bible. The equality of others is not the injustice of Christians.

  • No I do not

    Christians seem to be bent on portraying themselves as "persecuted''. Maybe in some situations in the past they have suffered at the hands of those who do not share their views. In some parts of the world now they are being persecuted along with atheists and minority religious believers. They are not unique. There is a presentable case that atheists are the real victims both in the west and in the muslim world. Now the fact that secular people are saying no to their privileged status in regard to tax exemption etc is erroneously taken as a ''war on christianity''

  • No war on Christianity

    The Constitution declares that we have freedom of religion. That also means freedom from religion. I don't want to see my country turned into a theocracy. It has nothing to do with Muslims, Hindus or anybody else. A lot of the reason people are turning away is that there is a massive hypocrisy from the right. They have turned Christ into a supply side savior. Their brand of Christianity or the highway does not work. They are doing more to turn people away than to Christ. If their version of Christ is not the only way, then they want to shove it down people's throats. I don't want a state religion. That goes against everything this country was founded on. If I say Happy Holidays, then I don't see that as a war on Christmas. I have friends of many religions and I think it is a polite way of wishing them well while respecting their religious beliefs. My own religion say to do no harm. I try hard not to harm others with my words or otherwise. These right wing Christians have little to do with the teachings of Christ. I refuse to worship their culture of money and refusal to help their fellow man. That is just plain wrong. That is nothing that Christ taught.

  • Christ want Christian.

    Even Christ wouldn't agree with the concept of what Christianity has turned into. Bottom line though, modern day Christians have suppressed other belief systems in the USA for too long and we're starting to come out of the woodwork. No suppressing, just awareness. Just Love it was his final commandment.

  • There is no war only a façade

    There exists a progressive tide to which more humans are divorcing themselves from the highly evolved superstition called religion, that much is certain. To simply state that there is a war on Christianity is both ignorant and melodramatic. The only people who believe this are power hungry figures in politics, those who justify discrimination and those who are susceptible to fear. No on in the united states is being persecuted or killed for their worship of Jesus Christ, as much as there are no plans to eradicate the faith from Christians by free-thinkers. All this right-wing fantasy manages to do is set back our country a hundred years and divide more people than the grace of god can ever manage to unite.

  • There is ABSOLUTELY no war on Christians in the sense that it is being told.

    In the middle east, the beheading of the Christians are yes in a sense a war on Christianity. But in America, no there is not. The fact is that non theists, atheists, agnostics, humanists, free thinkers, whatever you want to call them are actually allowed to argue back. They are now being able to formulate their own side of the argument. For centuries, Christianity reigned but we now have a new era of scientific discovery, and of biblical insight. There is no logical reasoning behind the bible or believing in God and nor should it run the lives of everyone. No there is no war, but there is a revolution of free thinkers who are separate from the church.

  • No. There is a misunderstanding amongst Christians on this issue.

    The First Amendment and the intent of the Founding Fathers specify that the USA should have no national religion. Christians do not like this, and this is understandable. Within the context of America's current political landscape, prayer, Christian vows, Christian monuments, etc. are being eliminated from schools, government proceedings, and the like. They should be. The USA has no national religion. Thus, any public or governmental agency should not partake of religious behavior. Religion should be practiced at home or in any other private context. It should not be mandated upon anyone in any fashion. This is what many Christians mistake for a "War on Christianity" when the reality of the matter is that they simply are not getting their way. The separation of Church and State exists for a reason and should be upheld.

  • Non Belief is not oppression

    Just because people don't want to listen to Christians spout their bull doesn't mean we are persecuting them. The first amendment gives all of us freedom of religion and freedom from religion if we so choose. Empty pews do not mean we are coming for you with pitch forks and torches. It does mean we don't want to listen to your message of hate anymore. It does mean that maybe we looked at the heavens and saw wonder but not God. It also probably means that from here on out all manner of faith based belief systems are on the decline and that's a good thing. Because losing faith in the bogy man, the monsters under the bed in the heavens or beneath our feet is a sign of maturity in a child and in species.

  • No, There is No War on Christianity

    In fact, historically, Christianity has been the cause of many deadly wars. The only war against Christianity is the crusade against Christians who feel that their religion is the only one, the right one. and that we should all have to believe in what they believe. As long as Christians do not oppose the right for others to believe in what they choose, there is no war on their religion. When they try to force others to believe as they do, or make others live by their doctrine, let the war begin.

  • Oh my the irony, no

    The "war on Christianity" phrase is thrown around in the most unintentionally ironic manner you could ever imagine. The only ones that use it in a serious manner are the same that are openly mortified of Islam, think those that do not dedicate themselves to any religion are subhuman, etc. One side of the mouth is spouting hatred, the other is screaming "end the war on Christianity" when anything is said in rebuttal.

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