Is there any likelihood that Melania Trump truly plagiarized any of Michelle Obama's former speech at the Republican National Convention?

  • Yes, she did.

    It is clear that she plagiarized an entire section almost word for word. All she changed was the names and othe identifying details in the story. Based on the evidence it is almost creation that she has plagiarized other speaches before. She did not even work hard to hide the plagiarism.

  • Yes, it is almost certain.

    Melania Trump's speechwriters almost certainly plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech from 2008. There are parts of the speech that are almost exact quotes from Obama's speech. There is a small chance that it is a coincidence. However, the most likely explanation is that the speechwriters used Obama's speech as inspiration, since it was a very similar type of speech, and they either knowingly or accidentally borrowed a few lines from it.

  • Yes, it was a total plagiarism.

    That was a total plagiarism of Michelle Obama's 2008 convention speech. You just wonder at this day and age who does that and thinks they will get away. That was a big shame and a massive drawback on Trump campaign as a whole. The Democrats are really enjoying this, Melania has made Trump to be a laughing stock.

  • Yes, Melania Trump plagerized Michelle Obama's speech.

    Two of the paragraphs of Melania Trump's speech were almost identical to Michelle Obama's former speech. The order of topics were the same, the wording was nearly identical, and even the cadence was similar. It's as if Trump watched a video of Obama's speech in preparation of delivering the plagiarized version.

  • Yes. That is most likely.

    The conventions for both parties are something that isn't easily forgotten. So it is very possible that one speech was copied in order to create another speech. It doesn't matter what the writing team says, because it doesn't mean that it is true. Some line were copied word for word.

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