Is there cause to be worried about the gambling frenzy?

Asked by: Tine96
  • Society is suffering !

    There is no doubt that today gambling is becoming more and more popular than it was before-the time when it was considered as something illegal. Crimes, thefts, prostitution and juvenile delinquency are in fact the real causes of gambling. Gambling is an addiction and can cause disruption in the family life since the player's main priority is to win. Moreover, player can do anything to earn money so that they can play, involving violence. Furthermore, people who are poor and spend their money in gambling with the hope that they will earn more, are in fact and unfortunately becoming poorer than they were before.

  • Harmful individually, helpful overall

    Gambling is harmful to individual people considering that people lose a lot of money. However gambling can improve overall economy considering that one of the only places in the United States where it is legal to gamble is Nevada. Las Vegas has an economy constructed on the concept, and they are doing extremely well. There is problems yes, but Las Vegas has had a growing economy and population. So overall it seems to help.

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