• Equality yes, equity no

    We are equal in the eyes of the law, and have equal protection in western society.

    How that plays out, given the differing values across the board, is equity achievable or even desirable?

    It is all a matter of perspective - can we really compare the advantages and disadvantages that the sexes experience? Especially given that you may think of something I have as an advantage, and I would think of it as a disadvantage.

    Think of holding social power - does one view that as an advantage, or an undue burden?

    Each thing we look at is subjective. This is what makes sociology hard.

  • God Made Us Equal

    The Wise One Made Both Genders Powerful stop with this ying and yang no one is better and im a child and i dont say anything so be the wise one and step up for equality PLEASE PLEASE know that no gender is superior male and female are more superior together

  • Yes there is

    WOMEN ARE STUPID AND DON'T DESERVE RESPECT. Everything that a woman says is unintelligent and irrelevant. If you hear a women talking, you should cover your ears and gtfo there before she corrupts you. Men have always made more and will always make more because men are superior. DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT!

  • Yes gender equality has started to exist.

    As toady's world seems to progress farther forward gender equality has began to show itself to many people as others find other groups to suppress. Job's that only males were allowed are slowly starting to take females, and people are becoming accepting of a stay at father and a working mother.

  • gender equality is giving priority

    Yes, i belive that there is gender equality. We can see that there is lots reasons for it. For example if we go to some big corporate for a job it is posted on big posters that "You will be not discriminated according to your sex or race. Also we can see in our daily lives that both women and men doing similar things even if the job is know to be done by men or women,

  • Gender equality is still only halfway there.

    Unfortunately, there is still a pay gap between men and women (even if they have the same job/position, same overall time period and the same workplace), as well as many other areas women are treated differently. Although not only is there equality for women, there is equality for men an example is, they get judged and hated for wearing makeup or doing 'girl' sports etc.

  • There is no such thing

    Trough weird statements "like a girl" women are seen as weaker and not able to do everything that a man can do. Also there are so many stereo types that the guys work while the women clean and stay at home because they are the dum one and they need a man to do the job.

  • There is no equality!!!

    Nobody accepts this.
    My mom works and my dad stays home and people call him "gay".
    Can't guys run a daycare? Can't girls be a ceo of a company? NO.
    Thats what society says. People want it, but they are not working towards it (accepting it). There is no equality.

  • While gender equality has gotten better there are still some issues

    Men are often overlooked in abusive situations. They are given the title of being manly and physcially strong so they tend to not report them being abused. They are more likely to be ridculed by the police and public rather than women that are often encouraged to speak up when they are abused.

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