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  • Yes There Is

    If there is no life after death then what's the purpose of living? To just die? There has to be more to life than just the normal day to day routine. Why are there jails then if we all die and end up in the same place? Why have rules if this life is all we have? Religious or not, I'd like to believe that this life is not all there is.... There has to be a heaven and a Hell to separate the good from the bad. The believers from the unbelievers. I feel that a person has way more to risk if they believe there is no heaven and they were wrong . Than a person that just simply believes truly in Heaven and believes in Jesus Christ as the only way into Heaven. You take that risk of not believing if you want... You got more to lose than me.

  • I personally say yes.

    I am a spiritual person and believe in God and life after death. That aside, I will prove that there is life after death. I want you to think of yourself and ask why do you think? It is not so much as that you think, therefore you are- but rather the whole process of the development of "thinking" seems almost contrary to life itself. It is much more logical for life to exist as such in a state of static/energy or the most basic of simple lifeforms to minimize extinction and maximize resources. However, here we are a complex being where even being able to eat and breathe at the same time could cause us to choke and die. Surely this complex development of us has much more purpose than simply to exist or else we would have stayed as simple forms of life. To have these feelings of wanting to exist proves existence. It would be counter-productive to a species to want something that which could never be obtained, to wish for something that never existed? Surely then it does and we long for a memory from a place to which we came and will go back too. Scientifically speaking, if you want to get simply to the basic of logic. We are all made of atoms, and these atoms do not disappear- they are broken down, reshaped and put back together again. We are that made from one another from those who have come before us, died, decomposed and became part of the world again. Everything that ever was, always is then. Whether we are simply broken down into energy or a form to which we can not comprehend in this state- we never really "cease" to exist. Simply put life is temporary to us in this short while, while we are in this state and when we die we only go back to whence we came. Therefore, which is real life?

  • Yes, there is.

    With the physical death the identity, mind and body is not alive any longer but the life energy that we are actually are will never die. Life itself can not die. Each individual just plays a certain role, but is not conscious about it. Getting more and more aware we will get more certain what we are actually are: life itself!

  • Yeah Of Course

    There is life after death. There is either Heaven or Hell. That is why God sent his only begotten son to die on the cross to open the gates of Heaven. Although Christ died on the cross for us He did not do everything. We must still try hard to prove ourselves worthy for salvation. God gave us a free will. We must chose the best!


    There is life after death. There is either Heaven or Hell. That is why God sent his only begotten son to die on the cross to open the gates of Heaven. Although Christ died on the cross for us He did not do everything. We must still try hard to prove ourselves worthy for salvation. God gave us a free will. We must chose the best!

  • I believe so.

    I believe there is life after death. I am a Christian and believe what I have learned in the church. I often times have dreams of people after they pass and I always feel like it's their way of letting me know that they reached the other side and that everything is ok. I guess we all wont know for certain until we cross over.

  • Yes there is life after death

    What is it we will not really know until we come upon our last day, but some people that have " died " and came back to life always seem to report positive things about their after life experiences.

    I am not looking forward to leaving this earth and this life but nothing I can do is going to change the fact that we all have to go sometime, I am not going to waste my time fearing that day and nor should you.

  • Death, As in Life, Is What We Make It

    John Milton had it right--we make our own heaven or hell. There is an afterlife because there have been too many stories of near death experiences and ghost encounters. How can there not be life after death? My own personal view is that after we die, our spirit goes where it is most comfortable. If we were ready to pass on, we go to be with the Source. If not, we go somewhere else until we are ready for God.

  • Yes

    Even if you are not a religious person there is possibility of "existence" which is in the way is life. When your computer burns up and you throw it away it is "technically dead." But even if hard drive is crushed, the information or "soul" still remains on it. Same happens when you delete something out of computer. You techincally do not delete it, but "write" other information over it thus it is not destroyed and simple remains there. When you burn wood you do not excatly "burn or destroy wood" you simply "transform" wood into carbon charcoals, fire and other released atom particles. This is in a sense when your body decays and your computer or "brain" decays into dust, the information and soul have to go somewhere since unlike computers human brain does not have capacity of "deleting" or "rewriting" information on it. There been instances where people have been declared "clinically dead" by doctors, who came back to life and told about their experiences "beyond." Thus there have to be something that awaits for us in afterlife, but whatever it is I cannot conclude. It could be god like religions claim. It could be the void of cosmos like some agnostics claim. Who knows maybe it is even true like some so called psychics, mediums, and diviners claim you simply die physically but you are still alive in some "astra" world. In any case there is strong possibility for "afterlife" even though there isn't much of scientific proof. There is some but not solidly conclusive.

  • No one knows for sure, but more evidence points to "no."

    In order to have an afterlife, there must be a part of the human that is separate from the physical body. Let's call it the "soul."

    Is it our feelings? No, that's in the brain.

    Is it our memories? No, that's in the brain.

    Is it our thought? No, that's in the brain

    Is it our conscience? Yet again, it's the brain.

    The brain is a physical organ, whose structure makes up our entire "soul" existance, therefore there is no soul, therefore there is no afterlife.

  • Believe it if it pleases you.

    Define life rigorously, then decide for yourself if life as you've just defined it could survive. Does a spirit reside in the body that might possibly survive? If there is and if it should survive, what would such a spirit be doing for eternity, whatever that is? Belief in an afterlife is just that - a belief that can be neither proved nor disproved. Get on with the one you've got, make of it the best you can, any supposed afterlife will take of itself.

  • It is immoral to believe in life after death.

    1) Every living person is part a people which live forever via procreation and birth. Basic morality implies that it good to consider future in terms of generations on earth. This is the world our parents left behind for us. We are creating the world which our children will be required to live in. These facts are so obvious that most people say "no duh" or "everybody knows that".

    If we spent mental and physical effort in consideration of future generations like we spend it on a various afterlife concepts, then the world would be a better place to live in. The sooner we begin to continually discuss, consider, and speak in terms of child, grandchild, great grandchild, great great grandchild and generations without end, the sooner we will be creating a more considerate world for our children. And the sooner we will be living in that world.

    2) The concept of an afterlife inherently demands the concept of an afterlife judgement. This thinking hands judgement over to a higher power. Thereby diminishing judgement here and now. Judgement belongs to each and every one of us.

    To remove the scapegoat of after life judgement by a higher power requires moral comprehension to maximize punishment for immorality and reward for good productivity here and now. The result would greatly reduce crime and spread more reward for productivity. Which would, in turn, create a better world for our children which would soon be all of us. We can have haven on earth, all we need to do is believe that we must create heaven here.

    In conclusion: There is no need for religion or morality to be joined to an after life. Religion and morality can easily be joined to a provable death overthrown by birth concept. Generation to generation is what we are. Generation to generation is a solid foundation for a religion and may be associated with a higher power or creator.

  • There is no life after death

    If there was life after death surely someone who has died would have already returned from heaven and shown the current living people of earth that there is truly life after death. If God had the ability to create the whole universe and created the heavens and the earth and has all power over it then he would have the ability to send someone down from heaven to give us the 'heads up'.

  • There is no life after death.

    The idea of life after death completely contradicts the meaning of the word death itself. You are basically saying people survive death or "dead survivors" which is logically impossible. Secondly,I have just not seen enough solid evidence to prove to me that there is life after death,but science can prove things to me such as the big bang.

  • I feel that the idea of life after death is a fantasy that others believe, because it makes them feel better about dying.

    The concept of life after death does not make sense to me. I don't see myself or others floating around in the great beyond, or being reborn again as someone else. I believe that you have one life to live and, when you die, you're dead, and that is the end for all of us. I see nothing wrong with that. It inspires me to live my life to the fullest and to enjoy each day. I've never seen any real proof that there is a possibility of life after death and, until I do, I can not be persuaded to change my mind on the topic.

    Posted by: MilitaryGregorio28
  • Rather: Is there death after life?

    Is there death after life? Should settle the matter. Of course it is only the living who are dying. But how so? We do not necessarily die when the body disintegrate with the heat element, we do not disappear on earth to come as new beings on some earth or heaven somewhere. However we disappear during sexual intercourse, we lose ourselves when the sperm transfuse with the egg over the influence of ecological conditions. We disappear to naturally replicate ourselves and the new breed of the same mind and body mixture of both parents emerges. True death occurs at the pick of mating. Through mating, we transfer and transform what we are to a new us. By an by the new breed naturally develops a consciousness, it is the same old consciousness evolved and so no human being can ever stop living or dying. In a sense, I am saying: I am that old fellow, that very old one. I have shed many bodies but I did not cross over, I keep on remaining. Its a paradox, its a mystery. When I see my children, I see myself and their mother in them, and so I know I am my father and mother and my brother is the next kind of my father and mother. We can forget about one another, we can forget how old we are, but we live forever, we live ourselves behind rather than taking ourselves forward with. There is no forward, we keep going back to birth and we replicate ourselves over and over again. This is the purpose of a human being, to live forever. It is only the harsh conditions of the present that makes us dream of an illusory heaven. It is escaping the reality, it is more like taking a drug. We cant help ourselves but go back to being born. We do not go to the grave and so we are born in another life. We go to having sex and then we are born in another life.

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  • In my opinion no

    This is based on my personal opinion but i do not think so, i think that death is supposed to be an official end to your life so why die to continue afterwards, although many people say they have seen the afterlife i believe thats just a dream. How do we know that we are not dreaming life anyway?

  • It is impossible

    It is scientifically impossible as being conscious isn't possible after there is nothing supporting the brain. The brain cant work without oxygenated blood from the heart. Consciousness is supplied by the brain so if the brain doesn't work you cannot be conscious. Therefore it is impossible to be alive after death

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Anonymous says2013-03-26T14:51:24.410
There is no life after death. When you die you will go to sleep for eternity. Your body will eventually go back to the dust. So you are better off getting cremated. You can save a lot of money that way. If you would like to know what the down and dirty truth really is then visit this website and read it.
lankaminisa says2014-08-07T06:32:39.107
Life after death .... Westerners are so blind on this topic. Yes there is life after death but near death experience tell you nothing about it. There is a lot to say I cannot explain in this little space. I will state one point here that someone brought up about candlelight. Yes energy is conservative. It never destroy. So is your energy (cosmic consciousness or cosmic energy) . When one ask what happen to the energy? The other person said ..Oh its like candlelight it goes away. But the fact he misses out in that is if u are million light year away. If you have a good telescope you can see the candlelight that went off million light years ago. Just like stars in the sky. So is your energy.. It travels so fast until it find another sources to settle. Another life form to restore. The strength it travel depends on your power of happiness/lightness/purity ("karma"). If you are week u may not absorbed to high resources where you will born as animals. If you are strengthened by good karma you will absorbed to stronger resources like another human life of higher dimension like heavens. If u are weak ...You will stuck in lower dimensions oh trapped in as ghosts for some times.

How do you know this is true?... There is a easy way to find by build up on meditation. Since you born you keep feeding images from 5 sensors. By what you see, By what you taste, By what you smell, By what you hear, and By what you touch. So the world you build by these facts makes you a world (an illusion). All your thoughts build upon this and you cannot think out of it. But if you can stop engaging thoughts that you gain from all these 5 sensors for a 1 minute.... That minute you are in your original state. If you improve you can start reading your original state. Then you can find how much power you have. You can also find where you came from if you improve this ability. Trust me this is not magic. It is so logical and anyone can achieve it if you try enough. There is no magic in this world it is all unproven science matters.

There are tones of cases about REINCARNATION listed out there. Especially when kids before they build up their world over above sensors they appear to have access to his/her original form. Where someone can investigate about where they from. Read articles by Kevin Williams or ian Stevenson.