• Of course there is

    An estimate declaims that there are more planets in the whole universe than there are gain of sands on our planet. With this predicament you must be convinced that there must be other life. I'm not saying that they have this mass technology that can go light speed etc. I'm saying that there is a very large chance that there are some organisms that would be able to live on other plans. If we are able to live our daily life's as we do there must be an organism that could live so where els

  • The Universe is too big to assume otherwise

    We can't say for sure that there is life on other planets just like we can't say for sure that it isnt. But i think it would be quite illogical to assume that there isnt because of how massive the universe is. Although its quite possible that there isnt, the probability is low.

  • Absolutely, I believe so.

    Maybe not in our galaxy, but I believe there is other life out there in the universe. It's just way too big to just be us around. There's always UFO sightings which I believe most are experimental aircraft. But can you explain UFOs in ancient drawings and very old paintings as how we describe them today?

  • There has been life.

    There has been life found in fossils on mars so there must be life on other planets. The fact that we haven't found it with our satellites is stats because the chance is 1 in 1000's so it is actually pure chance that it hasn't been found yet. Soon though, very soon.

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  • Space Organisms Found

    According to NASA there has been organisms found on other plants. But they were microscopic. They were like worms. A similar organism was found on earth. Particularly in the desert region. So why can´t something bigger exist? It´s almost dumb to think there is not life on other planets besides earth.

  • There is life in our solar system that is not human

    First I'm going to talk about the universe other than our solar system and then I'll talk about our solar system.
    Our universe is a vast area of stars, rocks and even planets. From all the universes it is quite dumb(no offence) to think that there is no other life. I mean really.
    Secondly, did the negative side ever hear about aliens in mars. Unbelievable. Well you better believe it people because there is life there. In our world they are small, grouse and very helpful. Yep, the bacteria. There are traces of bacteria in the red planet. Aliens don't always have to be some sort of walking green skinned slug ok.

  • Life Is Every Were When You Take The Time To Observe

    Life could of bin on other planets back when they were dinosaurs. Some planets showed signs of life being there. For Example Jupiter could have life if there was no sand or storms covering the planet up. There must have been life on other planets. When ever the world comes up with better technology for space, scientist should probably come back and re-observe the planets

  • At Least 8.8 Billion Earth-Like Planets In Our Galaxy

    Space is vast, but it may not be so lonely after all: A study finds the Milky Way is teeming with billions of planets that are about the size of Earth, orbit stars just like our sun, and exist in the Goldilocks zone — not too hot and not too cold for life... My source for this statement:

  • We Don't Know What Life Is

    My stance is very simple - the chances of even the simplest organism arising by accident are so tiny that many zillion times the life of the universe would be required even for a modest possibility to arise, and of course the 2nd law of thermodynamics would tend to work against the process over the long term. We simply don't know what life is even though we tinker with it and recombine DNA. This is why science is so comically desperate to find life elsewhere - anywhere! Our level of understanding of life is still so poor that science needs a 'get out of jail card'. The same is true of consciousness - another great fly in the reductionist ointment. Science has come so far, to its great credit, that it is now faced with these questions that require a paradigm shift to even be approached. That's also why when scientists are asked for the underlying mechanisms of quantum mechanics - wave/particle duality, observer effect, vector reduction etc they commonly answer that the 'question is meaningless - that's just the way it is'. So no, I don't have any reason to believe there is or is not life on any other planet - we don't even know how it arose on this one and the explanations offered by science are utterly unconvincing (I have abiogenesis in mind).

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