• Yes, devotees of the Chicago model say Chicago’s seemingly unwinnable struggles with gangs, poverty, and other social ills are products of a distinct political culture and a legacy of abandoned reforms.

    Some longtime critics of Chicago policing hope that under the watchful oversight of the Justice Department and the pressure of Black Lives Matter protesters, city hall will compel the police to change. For better or for worse, it’s just the fact that Chicago is known as the poster child for uncontrollable violence. They have abandoned areas of the city. Those are areas where gangs thrive.

  • Yes, I Agree

    For The most part I think life in prison is an adequate punishment...but there are just some crimes that are so heinous that there really is no other option. Crimes like murder of a child or mass murder should be met with a proper form of punishment. The death penalty is a proper form of punishment for certain crimes.

  • No, there isn't more police misconduct in Chicago than in other cities

    I don't believe there is any way to tell if there is more police misconduct in Chicago than in other cities. Even if studies suggest so, it's hard to be certain because police misconduct can be covered up by police and their local government. Police misconduct is everywhere in the United States and should be handled everywhere in the United States.

  • No, the police try their best to keep us safe.

    Police officers around the country put their lives on the line to protect us everyday. They have to make the tough choices and sometimes make mistakes. Overall though, I believe that they do a good job and try to only arrest the people who are doing bad things. They get alot of grief for some of their actions, but without them, our country would be chaos.

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