• Accept it and move on. We are releasing greenhouse gases.

    Numerous Studies have shown a correlation between CO2 Emissions and the World's temperature. What's more, this time, correlation=causation. A tiny amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, like methane and water vapour, keep the Earth’s surface 30°Celsius (54°F) warmer than it would be without them. We have added 42% more CO2 but that doesn't mean the temperature will go up by 42% too.

    There are several reasons why. Doubling the amount of CO2 does not double the greenhouse effect. The way the climate reacts is also complex, and it is difficult to separate the effects of natural changes from man-made ones over short periods of time.

    As the amount of man-made CO2 goes up, temperatures do not rise at the same rate. In fact, although estimates vary - climate sensitivity is a hot topic in climate science, if you’ll forgive the pun - the last IPCC report (AR4) described the likely range as between 2 and 4.5 degrees C, for double the amount of CO2 compared to pre-industrial levels

  • Global warming exists.

    Global warming is present with the holes in the ozone layer. The fact is that in the Arctic there are fewer icebergs and that the Arctic itself is shrinking. There are unusual climate changes happening throughout the world. People of the world will not believe that global warming exists until it starts affecting the region they live in.

    Posted by: WillowsErv
  • The changing weather patterns that are caused by global warming are felt everywhere.

    All over the world, people are seeing weather patterns that are new to their environment. Snow where there didn't used to be snow, temperatures that are hotter than normal, or colder than normal. The term 'global warming' does not mean that everyone will notice warmer temperatures. Many places will feel colder weather patterns. Global warming simply means changing weather patterns caused by the melting of the polar ice caps. The fact that those things are happening cannot be denied.

    Posted by: TownNoam
  • The Mall of America has no heating system

    that is one huge place without a heating system. can you imagine the temperature in the winter? a comfortable 70-80 degrees. how? every person that goes in there heats up the place. a huge building is heated up by body heat. well.. try the same thing but on a bigger scale.. earth with over 6billion people.. same effect. makes sense to me.

  • Polluting our planet will cause us harm, and that is why global warming exists, as is evident on the weather changes we're experiencing.

    We can't use the planet however we want, without fear of consequences. The pollution we release into the world is destroying the ozone layer, effectively taking away our natural protection from the sun's most dangerous rays, UV rays. I define global warming as changes in weather due to our actions, and I can guarantee things won't stay in balance if we keep destroying the planet doing whatever we wish.

    Posted by: CreepyRandy47
  • The is extensive scientific evidence that, due to increased co2 levels, our Earth is warming.

    There is a direct correlation throughout history between the levels of co2, and changes in the climate. If we ignore the fact that humans are causing this problem by destroying forests, in conjunction with increased pollution, we are likely to see major problems shortly. This information comes from ice core samples from the arctic that go back thousands of years.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • Yes, there is no serious doubt about this question.

    Evidence for the existence of global warming and other forms of climate change is not limited to the fact that the proportion of credentialed scientists who dispute the phenomenon is vanishingly small (and sometimes receiving corporate funding), although the consensus is indeed overwhelming. The point is also that huge numbers of independently conducted studies around the world have confirmed it. Then there are other statistics. Nine of the ten hottest years on record have occurred since 2000 (source:, including the hottest year yet, 2010. The conspiratorial interpretation of concern about climate change flies in the face of even the evidence that emerged from the deniers' dream scenario, when the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit's leaked e-mails failed to dredge up any fraud in 2009. One may reasonably oppose particular climate change mitigation policies like cap and trade, as Bjorn Lomberg does; one cannot deny the science.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • Of course there is such a thing as global warming.

    Even people who do not believe that humans are the cause of global warming cannot deny that it exists! Scientific research has proven that we are currently in a climactic warming shift. Whether it is because of human beings or part of a normal climactic cycle is still debatable but the evidence has convinced me that it is caused by the actions of human beings.

    Posted by: NatBIab
  • Yes, there is global warming.

    Global warming exists because there is enough evidence to prove that the earth is getting deteriorated through the ignorance of human beings about the care of the environment. Growing population in many nations, lack of space, lack of resources for water, food and shelter is leading us to misuse our natural resources. While technology helps us to do things more efficiently, it has also lead to over use of energy for example, water, electricity. We are not doing enough to protect the environment by saving water, energy and recycling waste.

    Posted by: A Richardson
  • There is such thing as global warming due to the fact that weather patterns are greatly different from the patterns 50 years ago.

    There is such thing as global warming due to the fact that weather patterns have changed greatly from 50 years and more ago. Today, the weather patterns are erratic, and we do not know when one storm will form and another storm will diminish. Global warming has caused temperatures to rise and thus, produce more deadly hurricanes and currents all around the world. The ozone layer is getting depleted as we speak and there is nothing worse than the temperature scorching our skins.

    Posted by: N34rIyGaIv
  • Global warming is just another way for the government to fleece you of your money.

    Global warming is yet to be proven, and yet the government uses it as an excuse to raid our wallets. The argument you should be having is first proving it exists, and then taxing appropriately. The trouble is, it is easy for them to get away with it because there are so many "tree huggers" who believe this. It's Easter time in the U.K., and it is snowing outside.


    All of you who believe in this crap, are idiotic! There is NO such thing as Global Warming! We're NOT gonna die in 2012 because of it! SO STOP SAYING THAT! ITS A BUNCH OF CRAP! Scientists are just trying to scare people! They don't know anything about it!

  • Fist ask if its relevant

    We can give global warming a name, but whether we caused it is another question. Its a cycle of the earth and although we might contribute to it's speeding up, we did not start it. Our pollution is an iota of what can happen (as has been documented) when a large meteor hits the earth.

    The term global warming could have easily been called something else which better defines the process which the earth shifts its climate control to a different policy.

    Posted by: Paz
  • I do not believe that man-made global warming is an actual issue, and it is only a "crisis" created to receive tax dollars.

    I believe that people are blowing man-made global warming out of proportion, and governments have run with this "crisis". They have run with this crisis to gain more power through taxes, such as cap and trade and the carbon tax. With this said, I do believe it is not a bad thing to try to change our polluting habits. With all this said though, I do believe that the earth is getting warmer. But, I believe this is due to factors with the sun, not with carbon emissions.

    Posted by: BryanPeterson
  • There is such thing, but it is not caused by people!

    Sure we could speed it up a little bit, no doubt about it. But that doesn't mean we CAUSED it. Even the top scientist on the matter says we don't have a measurable effect on the rising and cooling of the earths interior. Just a few decades ago we were worried about another ice age, now this. Humans are just paranoid. There is evidence that, yes the world is getting hotter, but it's not us, it's a natural cycle, and it's happened many times before. Not only is the issue not worthy of ANY of the attention it's getting, it's hardly an issue at all, just a small nuclear war, would reverse all the global warming for nearly ten years!

  • Public Opinion Cooling On Anthropogenic Warming

    The slight global cooling between 1945 to 1976 was used by scientists to alarm the public in 1971 in order to obtain government funding to conduct research , unfortunately the theory went astray when temperatures began to rise slightly so they went with global warming. In the period between 1976 to 1997 there had been an increase in warming but has stabilised since....Nearly 19 years. Now they say that the earth is still heating, but only deep in the oceans.

  • Jacob Jepson says no

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  • Humans are powerful but not this powerful

    Now humans can heat up the world but they aren't strong enough to control the heat of the world. There was a time where the world had no ice on it, so it is just going back to that time, The world should stop polluting but, that DOES NOT mean global warming is real. You may argue but it is a fact and you cant fight that. Until scientists say it is real - they said it was fake already - I am staying here and not changing my point.
    If you want look it up Nasa and others say it is not real people made it up to get money and to get ' power '

  • It's bollocks just like the Emperors new clothes

    Man-made Global warming? No. Basic science confirms this. Does the planet heat and cool over thousands of years? Yes. Basic science confirms this. No amount of money and riding your bicycle will change the Earth's natural operation. The Earth heats and cools naturally based on its axis tilt and orbit from the Sun. The Sun has active and dormant states which also affect the climate on Earth. If the Earth is warming, it has nothing to do with human activity. Maybe Earth is Finally coming completely out of the "little ice age".

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