• Privacy Exists in Homes, In Thoughts

    Privacy is becoming less common in America. We are all interconnected with cell phones, wireless Internet and electronic devices. Privacy is possible within our own homes when the computers are off and phones are powered down. We are private in our own thoughts and our own conversations with family at home. The American home is the last bastion of privacy in a world with constant video cameras and monitoring everywhere else.

  • Privacy Exists in Your Bathroom, Bedroom, at Home.

    So maybe privacy does not exist on social media, on your computer, on your cell phone, but in today's day and age, how could you expect it to? Yes social media and computer searches may be monitored, but how could our security be regulated if such things were not taking place. Our world is drastically changing, and with that privacy shrinks, but that does not mean it is gone. You have privacy in your home, where you have blinds and fences. If you want total privacy, might as well delete your Facebook and move to the Arctic Tundra.

  • Their should be privacy

    Their should be privacy because what if were doing something they dont was us to see like something embarrassing for example like drinkg a 1 liter pop and throwng up everywhere on the floor and computer im just saying i want some privacy and think it was stupid giving the kids a MacBookPro and a iPad because they always take a photo for every 5 seconds Me and some other people will agree but some wont.

  • Encryption can provide privacy

    There is some great tech out there that uses encryption to protect you from all these eyes and ears everywhere. There's Silent Circle from the same guys as PGP (https://silentcircle.Com/) - that gives a private alternative to voice and text comms. And there's togethr - the app for couples (http://togethr.Mobi/), which lets two people in a dating/marriage relationship communicate privately. We should not discount the benefits of powerful tech like this making its way through to consumers. It's too easy to get caught up in conspiracy, with governments and institutions gaining more and more power - but with tech like this, ordinary people are taking back the power, and the institutions are losing control.

  • It exists in certain isolated places and Third World countries.

    We can't just look at privacy in the US and in developed countries. There are other countries in the world where there isn't as much advanced technology (many people can't afford smartphones, computers, Internet access, etc). This means that peoples' privacy in those countries isn't as public as it may be in developed countries.

  • We are all DATA Entry

    Once the system fails (the world in which we know now) and computers and robots have taken our jobs/labour, in a world where money and gold is no longer the currency, where we now understand that there is no God and that Jesus is not coming back or ever was, we will be judged by the DATA we have accumulated that is saved in 0s and 1s. Laws will be not controlled by over paid lawyers and old out-dated legal systems, and juries will not exist either, you will be plugged into a newer version of a lie detector where together saved DATA (including memories) and future thoughts (no matter how deep in the mind they once were) will determine the life you are "allowed" to live. This will be "our" judgment day. Freedom was lost many years ago and all these new little devices (phones, X-boxes, laptops) and new ways to scan eyes and finger prints (yes governments can even get your finger prints from your computer) are all making us a bar code number. Welcome to the shaping of our future to which you are participating, the finished sculpture is not far away!

    How do I know all this....I am the New World Order.

  • No, there is no such thing as privacy

    Perhaps hundreds of years ago true privacy really existed. But today, in 2012, there is no privacy. Social media sites, cell phones, text messaging, instant messaging, twitter, all of it adds to this massive pressure to connect with others in your community. To live a private life in todays age, one would have to travel to a land where there are no other humans.

  • In the grand scheme of things, no.

    In today's world with all the technology there is ultimately no such thing as privacy. People can hack into phones, computers, any type of electronic device and spy on others through things such as bugs and keyloggers. Besides just hacking, calls can be tapped and tracked and computer history can be searched to find just about anything. Security cameras are in most places these days, often without people being aware, and it is very hard to have such a thing as total privacy anymore when really, anyone could be watching or looking into what you are doing very easily.

  • NO

    In today's day and age, I don't believe there is such a thing as privacy to the average individual. Not only do we live in an already overpopulated world but the government and companies play such a role in our everday lives that they can track our every move if they wanted to. It would take an enormous amount of effort for someone to have complete privacy. People that go through the efforts are often criminals and eventually get found out. We are tracked everytime we swipe a credit card, every time we step into a place of business.

  • Being tracked in real life and on a computer is not privacy

    The government is trying to make us think all these cameras and computer crap is keeping us safe, but really they are making it worse for many people. Some people get in trouble for nothing because some cops just want to be mean to someone they think is stupid and does't know anything about laws and the police just make up laws to the people for their own entertainment. America is falling apart

  • It's pretty obvious

    I can allow others to get into specifics. I will also do my best to refrain from showing my tinfoil hat very much. However, let's look at a little obvious fact. I use my computer. I look something up. I delete my history on my computer. But there is still a router I get internet from.

    That info is stored. What would a company have to lose from selling this info in a "mass state" as in, how often is website "x" viewed. It still shows up for incognito, and google still registers your searches as searches, even if the system doesn't remember them as if you searched them. But your specific search came from your specific IP address.

    Truth is, let's say company's don't sell our info (as their are agreements in countless terms of service where they ask if it is okay that your info is sent to partners and so on forth (i.E. The second Playstation check box when making a PSN account)), that information is still readily available in terms of a relevant police investigation. And how they look about is so simple, that you can do for yourself. You can even do it online, and if you haven't made a password for your router account, then literally anyone can access it via routerpasswords.Com. This history is access to all devices that use it.

    Privacy refers to a lot of things. The internet sure as hell ain't private. Now let's think about, how many things use internet. Now, how many things you look up are personal and not meant to be seen by even your family members or closest friends.

  • Everyone is watching

    When you have neighbors who have open WiFi connections it is tempting to poke around, and I am a security professional. I can only imagine what a neighborhood kid would do. Once they have any of your information they can send it, post it, or even sell it where ever they'd like.

  • I don't think there is a such thing as privacy and have not been in quite some time.

    There is the legal news that publish when you are born, when you die, when your wages are garnished, when you lose your home to taxes and/or foreclosure, when you purchase a home, etc. You can go to your local assessors office or register of deeds and obtain records of homes owned by yourself as well as other people, property tax information, legal descriptions of properties; all for a fee. You can obtain death and birth records depending on the relationship of the person you are obtaining records for. Divorce records are public information. Criminal records are sometimes public information, such as sex offender lists. Genealogical sites are public information for a fee if not free. There are electronic devices located in public places that video all those frequenting their establishments as they come and go, you stand in front of the ATM machine it takes a snapshot of you as you make your transaction., same as cash registers, gas pumps, street lights, traffic lights, even baby monitors can provide listening not only to the baby in the room, but anyone else that talks in the room can be heard and in some cases seen. Your cell phone, your computer, the sites you visit on the internet, all have capabilities of tracking you and your keystrokes and where your location is as you type. As you can see, there is very little privacy if any.

  • We have lost our innocence and the US is a disgusting place anymore.

    We only care about the gross, grotesque, and the greedy. No one is entitled to privacy and we spread every shooting, every scandal, every child molestation. What are we telling our children that life is terrible and the only thing that matters is what you do with a gun, your sexual organs, and your smartphone. Don't believe me watch the evening news with your kids and analyze the questions they ask. Are they the questions you would like to hear out of your son or daughter.

  • Big Brother is Watching

    I think that in today's world, there is no such thing as privacy. Maybe in some obscure remote areas there may be some private spots, but ultimately there is no privacy left. There is only superficial privacy. There are cameras everywhere watching out every move, and satellites that can locate our exact spot.

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