• Yes. there is

    There comes a point that trying to save the world and everybody in it just comes off as ridiculous, some people are not worthy of compassion and will stomp all over you if you open that door and give it to them. Give people the benefit of the doubt but some people are just rotten.

  • Of course there is.

    Everyone's compassion has a limit. No matter how compassionate you are, at some point you will feel as though you have helped a certain situation enough. Would you have a burial for the spider you accidentally ran over with your bike, or would you stop and say a few words for it? Would you, from time to time, revisit the site where it died?

    Compassion is as much about making ourselves feel better, and as you extend your compassion deeper and deeper, at some point you accede that some sadness is a part of life. You're going to need to make peace with the that because you can't ameliorate it all.

  • Where does compassion even come from? Too much compassion is really just a form of selfishness.

    Who are we to appoint ourselves the saviors of the world? Some people do not "want" or "need" our saving. Often when we instill this "compassion" onto others, we are doing more harm than good. Take many developing countries that have become dependent on foreign aid. What has compassion done in these situations? Further a cycle of dependency?

    True compassion is selfless but how often do we do stuff based on purely selfless motives? We can have empathy for our fellow humans but extreme compassion is often rooted in inflated self worth. We are compassionate because it feels good to be passionate. It feels good to be part of a "greater good." In effect we are bigging ourselves up more than we are showing real compassion.

  • Yes, but I don't believe it's a current epidemic.

    I do believe there is a thing as too much compassion if it gets in the way of enabling people instead of helping them get a foot up on their situation. I don't think a huge amount of compassion currently exists in our political climate; in fact, I think that "compassion" has become a hateful label by the right.

  • No because compassion drives us.

    Compassion enables us to help. It is what drives people to try to "save the world". Although we know we can't save everyone or everything , compassion forces us to keep trying. Compassion never hurt anyone. It is just part of being human and caring for things that may or may not be out of your control.

  • There Is NEVER Too Much Compassion

    A total degradation of the compassion in a large percentage of our society is primary social issue that plagues our world today. A waning sense of compassion for other human beings IS akin to the “plague of the 21st century”. It has gouged away at a desire to help one another, often times to irreparable levels, and stems from a growing trend of “me, me, me” attitudes festering in today’s people. A failure to turn an about face in the near future, will only lead the human species down a desolate and painful road, where ultimately a dirge towards a compassionate nature, may well be a primary component in what leads man to eliminate himself from the face of our planet.

  • There is no such thing as too much compassion.

    No, I do not think that there is such a thing as too much compassion. I think that it is good to care about others and what happens to them. I think that this is a big part of what it means to be human. The more there is of this in the world, the better, I think.

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