Is Theresa May's axing of the Department of Energy and Climate Change a bad move?

  • This is confusing

    Theresa May is moving quickly to make changes that are controversial. Shutting down the Department of Energy and Climate Change seems very odd to me. These are catastrophic natural events that are affecting our planet. You would think she would want to empower a department to find solutions rather than shut it down. I just don't see what she could possibly be thinking.

  • This is a bad move as it suggests the new British government's lack of commitment to crucial environmental issues.

    The Department of Energy and Climate Change was set up by the Labour government in 2008 specifically to tackle issues such as promoting affordable, renewable energy and mitigating the effects of climate change both internationally and within the U.K. Axing this department at a time when the world faces huge challenges from climate change seems a retrograde step. Placing responsibilities for these issues within the new Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy risks side-lining efforts to reduce climate change.

  • Department of Enegry and Climate Change Gets Axe

    Climate has existed since the Earth was formed, regardless of which theory you subscribe to. Earth is an evolving planet as are others and humankind is the attempted steward of how it changes in a minute form. Given the expanse of just the Milky Way galaxy, Earth is just blip in the universe and humans dust motes trying to be bigger than they are. The Department of Energy and Climate Change was just some motes getting paid for being motes.

  • No, it was UE driven.

    I think Theresa may axing the department of Energy and Climate change is in order. The department was formed to coordinate mostly the UK's and EU energy and climate program and since its no longer part of the EU, it will be of no use and a waste of much needed money.

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